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Awards We've Received

While awards have very much gone the way of the dinosaur in websites, we still think they have their place. It's a way to affirm friendships over the web and is a nostalgic look at a time when the web was less commercial and more of a wild wild west and it mattered what real people thought of your website besides Google. Awards were a way to exchange links with other people interested in the same things. That has pretty much given way these days to Google analytics and paid link exchanges - probably more efficient, but not nearly so personal. We will always appreciate those who chose to recognize us back in the days when our site was just a few pages and someone appreciated what we were trying to do and exchanged links with us. So here's a toast to you and the good ole days of the web! If you'd like an award, just like the "old days", please feel free to "steal" one, in exchange for a link back to our site....we won't mind a bit. is gold certified

Awarded to top quality dog and puppies for sale sites.

Awarded For..

  • Stunning malamute Website Design and Functionality.
  • A Useful and Unique malamute Resource
  • Great Writing and/or Informational Quality
  • Helping the Preservation and General Well Being of The malamute Breed.
  • Having a Happy Feel and Style To Your malamute Site.

Awards have become a bit of web nostalgia, but we still appreciate them.  Thanks to all for your appreciation of our site.

Top Dog Web Award
Canines of America's
Top Dog Award!

Dog Port's Choice Award for Web Excellence

Swiss Dog's 2002 Excellence Website Award

Team Molasses Inspirational Site Award
  Happy Huskies Howl of Approval Me jomo Cilpas Award
tribute to pets
Darla's Top site Award Regal Pet Site Award Pet Crest


Sites that have won our Awards

 Tikaani Alaskan Malamutes

Icebaymals (UK)

There were more...but few have outlasted us since we've been on the 'net since 1998! 

Our Awards...

The Cool Hoove Award
Hoover's Award for Sites
that are Just Plain COOL
The Starry with Style Award
Star's Award for Sites with
a very Professional look
Penny's I did it MY way award
Penny's Award for Sites
Unique and Original
  Homer's Warm & Fuzzy Award
Homer's Award for Sites with great Content
Holly's Choice Newbie Site Award
Holly's Award for a
Great  Beginner Site
Shadow's Award for Creativity in Web Design
Shadow's Award for Sites
with Creative and Flashy Content
The Bog of Dog Tribute to Love Award
Award for
comforting sites - Bog will always be remembered and a part of our family
  Gracie's beastly swell Award
A Mega-site award!



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For similarly banned sites! CNN and Microsoft you'll want this! LOL

Rigg's Great Site Award
Rigg's Award for Non-Dog Sites
  The Coon-iak Obedience Award
The Coon-iak - for sites with great training tips and obedience content