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Lessons they teach us....about life...

Perhaps you've seen the ad on cable TV about TLC's life lessons sculptures...wel personally I think those are pretty stupid.  On the other hand, my Malamutes over the years have taught me a few very valuable life lessons as they live life with gusto, and leave with dignity and determination. I thought this might be an interesting page about all the life-lessons we've learned from our Malamutes...

  • I'll start small - little Lucy and little Shuffle taught us that no matter how small - we are important and make a difference.  Read Lucy's & Shuffle's Rainbow bridge tribute here...
  • No matter how messed up...there's always hope and inside there's a good dog (Shadow) it just takes time and patience.
  • Dogs aren't hypocrites, they tell you like it is.
  • Dogs don't complain...they just deal with it
  • Ownership is 9/10 of the law...if I own it, you can have it when I'm done with it.
  • Shuffle taught us - never give up - there is always hope and even short lives have meaning - you can live a lifetime in a few weeks. Rainbow bridge tribute here...
  • Holly & Penny taught us it's important to die with dignity.  Both did it their way in spite of us.