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Pet Quality Puppy - Contract Highlights

In our contract...

  • We identify all parties involved in the contract, including a detailed description of the dog and what is expected from both sides
  • We maintain a security interest in the dog for specific performance of proper care and it is binding on the estate should the owner(s) die before the dog
  • We require specific minimal care - and it's not minimal
  • We promise a good family pet, but do not provide a special purpose warranty (i.e. pup will be an excellent agility or tracking prospect, for example)
  • We allow you to name the dog your chosen AKC name, after our prefix of "O'Mal"

For pet and show puppies we...

  • provide the sire and dam's health clearance numbers for CERF, CHD and OFA (or PennHipp when used).
  • provide first vaccinations, worming and all pups are certified healthy in writing by a licensed veterinarian
  • temperament and health guarantee
  • provide a 5 generation pedigree and instructions for proper care of your Malamute puppy (and though not in the contract, we send every pup home with a familiar toy, sample water, food and other extras to make for a smooth transition)
  • microchip, then register with a national registry in case of loss or theft
  • guarantee your pup will not have crippling hip dysplasia or any serious genetic disease (except when inappropriate care could have brought on the condition or when due to environmental conditions)
  • do not necessarily require that the dog be returned to honor the contract.  We will make adjustments based in the degree of debility so you won't have to give up a treasured pet
  • offer lifelong support for questions regarding training, grooming or problem solving
  • provide limited AKC registration

And we want you to ...

  • allow your dog to live in your home, as a participating family member and will sleep  indoors
  • provide proper training using positive reinforcement methods (taking instruction if necessary) and to properly socialize the dog to people, other dogs and children as the pup grows up
  • provide proper maintenance, grooming and regular health care, including vaccinations and heartworm preventative
  • treat the dog humanely and allow us to check occasionally
  • provide supervision around children (and never let children tease or abuse the dog)
  • never resell, give up to a shelter, give away or otherwise place the dog in another home without permission.  You must return the dog to us should you be unable to keep it for ANY reason.  (We want to be sure he's not passed from home to home or ends up in a shelter unwanted). 
  • accept limited AKC registration ("limited" means the dog can be shown in obedience, junior handling, etc. but not conformation and it may not be bred)
  • never guard-dog train your Malamute or use abusive training methods
  • use appropriate collars for everyday wear and training.*  License the dog with your local municipality
  • spay/neuter by 6-8 months of age, and provide proof when requested
  • return the dog to us should you not be able to keep it for ANY reason
  • have your veterinarian give the pup a health check as soon as you bring it home and maintain a vaccination schedule so the pup will be fully immunized
  • provide a securely fenced area of adequate size, height and security (chains, trolley systems, electronic fences or pasture fencing are not adequate, for example)  as outlined
  • stay in contact with us, let us and the dog registry know when you move, and tell us about any genetic disease or disorder the dog exhibits during its lifetime
  • provide proper care and supervision during vacations or in any temporary care situation
  • abide by working restrictions imposed because of the dog's age or outdoor temperatures
  • use a dog crate properly
  • walk the dog on-leash and not allow it to run free unsupervised
  • use proper care as outlined such as when leaving the dog in a vehicle or when riding in an open bed truck
  • provide ID, the name/number of your vet and a couple of references
  • attest you've never been accused of animal cruelty or similar accusations


  • Should the dog be obtained by false pretenses, is cruelly treated, or if any other provisions in the contract are not abided by, we can retake possession of the dog immediately without any compensation to you. This is a thumbnail of our contract.  We realize it's tough.  We love our puppies!  We never again want any of our dogs messed up like Shadow.  It was only because of a strong contract that we were able to take him out of a bad situation.  Contact us for specifics, if you have any questions, or for more information.
choker chain collar pinch prong collar trolley system with cable line halti or promise collar (like a horse harness)
Chain training collar
(allowed during training)
Pinch or Prong Collar 
(NOT allowed EVER)
Trolley System
(not adequate)
Halti-type collar