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The Alien 11 Litter

This Web Cam won the honor of:


Produced by the O'Mal Television Network

Puppycam is done...but it will be back the next time we have a litter - hopefully this winter. Thanks everyone for watching and giving us almost 24,000 hits from all over the world! It was a lot of fun, but the puppies are growing up and need to expand their world outside the romper room and yard and have moved to the main part of the house to live with the big dogs. Don't forget to read the followup Pictures and Stories. Thanks to Earthcam for hosting this fun project.

Outside webcam looks out this window to the right
View of Romper Room facing outside and Jazz has her personal Mommy space but can come and go as she pleases.

Webcam is here
near the ceiling->
Facing the other way (webcam is up high in the middle) For some reason they prefer to be near the front (farthest from the webcam). Romper Room is totally enclosed with an xpen for safety (they can't chew on anything they shouldn't).


Look here for updates on the litter ...