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The Malamute Questionnaire clipboard

Let this be a place to start thinking and discussion within your family about how you plan to raise a puppy so all family members agree.  Consistency and planning for a new family member is very important for any puppy to be a permanent part of your household.  Puppies should never be bought on a whim.  Giving thought to your current and possible future housing/family situations is very important. This is for your own introspection and need not be submitted unless you'd like our feedback. There are no right or wrong answers for this quiz since every individual and home is unique and what is right for one puppy might be all wrong for another.


Who will be the actual owner of  the dog?

Other family members and their ages?

Where do you live?   

What kind of area is it?

Do you?  own  rent your home.     

If rented, does your lease allow large dogs? Yes No  

Do you have a fenced yard? Yes No     

If yes, what is it made of? 

How high?   Any gaps or holes?  Yes No   

Is it completely enclosed with a gate? Yes No          

How big is the yard? 

How much of the yard will be available to the dog? 

If you don't have a fence, what will you use? 

Why do you want a Malamute? (check all that apply)

Are you married single ?  Live with parents   Share your home with others

Your occupation?  Hours worked to , days a week.

Spouses occupation? Hours worked to , days a week.

How much time will you have each day for the dog?

Do you attend evening or weekend classes, work overtime, or other commitments?
    Yes No  

Who will take care of the dog when this happens?

Where will the dog be when you are away from home?

Where will the dog sleep at night?

Where will the dog stay while you are at work?

What is your household activity level?

How long will the dog be alone each day?  

Does everyone in your household approve of adopting a puppy?

Is anyone in your household  (check all that apply)

Who will have regular contact with the dog outside your immediate family?

What are your families' hobbies and favorite activities?

Do  they include the dog? How?

Do you have any of the following hobbies (check all that apply): 

Are your kids well behaved and polite?    Yes No   not applicable  

What kind of games will you or children play with the dog?  

Who will supervise when children play with the dog?

What if the dog took a dislike to a particular adult or child? How would you handle a situation like this?

Who will be responsible for the care and training of the dog?

What kind of discipline methods do you use?

Will you take an obedience class with this dog?

How will you continue to socialize your dog to other dogs and children?

Who will groom the dog?

How often?

Have you raised a puppy before? What breed?

What do you feel is hardest about raising a puppy?

Do you have a plan for housetraining?

Do you have a preference for male or female?   Why?

What books have you read on the Malamute?

What attracted you to the Malamute breed?

What qualities would you WANT in your Malamute?

What qualities would you NOT want in a Malamute?

Would any of the following upset you or a family member?    How would you handle it?

Howled when lonely
Picked fights with other dogs
Stole unattended food off the counter
Chewed destructively
Won't come when called
Pulling hard on leash
Digging holes in yard or flowerbeds
Killing/eating squirrels, mice, birds
Growling or food/toy guarding
Shed fur profusely
Feces eating (own or litterbox)
Growling or snapping at children
Potty accidents in the house


Do you have experience crate training?   Yes No   

Do you own a large dog crate? Yes No   No, but I plan to buy one

Would you use crate training? If not, why not?

What dogs have you owned in the past?   When did you have them and what happened to them?

What pets do you currently own?  Dogs, cats, small animals, birds?  Horses, livestock?

How do you think your current pet(s) would react to a new puppy?

Have you ever had to give up a dog?    Yes No   If yes, why?

Have you ever had a dog  

If you have, how will you prevent this from happening again?

IHow do you feel about caring for a dog as it ages?

How do you feel about spaying or neutering your pet? 

How often will  your dog see a veterinarian?

Will you use heartworm preventative for your dog?

Which vaccinations will your dog get?

Initial cost of the dog is low compared to other expenses in owning a dog.  Can you afford quality food, toys, treats, regular and emergency vet care for the dog?

What kind of treats will you allow?

Who will do the poop scooping?   

What food do you use?

Which of these changes are likely in the next 10-15 years?

If so, what would happen to your dog?

What kind of ordnances regarding pet ownership does your area have?


If you plan to send this, is there anything you'd like to add?  Questions?  Concerns? Comments?



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