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Remember When....

A few of our favorite puppy photos

Koani, Meekow, Holly, Frosty and Shelby Waking up the puppy gang

Homer and Penny
Homer & Penny

Hoover and Nova
Hoover & Nova as little tykes

Shadow and Tova Shadow and Tova

Harley (8 weeks) Harley 8 weeks (wooly)

River Indy and Louis Three Musketeers - River, Indy, Louis


Homer the Cowboy

Homer (8 weeks)
Homer - fuzzy even then

Be Nice!
Homer checking on the crabby penny game with Star

head behind the toilet - the toilet gene at work

Homer (8 weeks)
Homer 8 weeks (wooly)

Tired Out
puppy between the bowls

Ode in the Pool
Ode in the pool
(L to R) Louis, River, Gus, Ode, Indy, Stormy
The Gang (2nd litter)

star as a puppy

Ode in his pool

puppy in the box

The Alien 11 Litter go for a swim


Harley & Star
Star and Harley