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The First Puppy Reunion

In November, 2000 we celebrated our first-ever litter reunion. Can you imagine a house filled with 10 full-grown Malamutes, 9 humans, a golden and a lab? It was fun and terribly loud. Hoover led the way howling and yelling and stirring up the rest of our gang, while Holly and her littermates gathered to meet each other now that all were almost 2 years old. Frosty was the hit of the party - flirting with all the girls and showed off his new sister Alex the lab. Koani was calm and dignified (and brought her golden "brother" Hunter as a guest) and was the tallest at 28". Shelby socialized with everyone and had the most coat (tons of beautiful dense correct coat). Holly was the shrimp - smallest puppy - a mere 24" with Koani not far behind. Meeko couldn't attend (previous commitments) but sent lots of pictures to share. All had a grand time, including their exhausted humans.

Holly with all her tennis balls
They may be my sisters and brother, but I'm NOT sharing!


Koani & Hunter visit

You say the rest of the party will be here soon? (Koani and Hunter)

Shelby says where's the food


Frosty meets Shelby Frosty  talks to Shelby

Frosty and Shelby talk about old times - remember when we looked like twins?


Frosty the socializer gives Koani a kiss and gets a kiss back

Frosty gives Koani a Christmas kiss