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Show Quality Puppy - Contract Highlights

Our show contract...

  • has the same care and health requirements as our pet contract, in other words, the dog must live IN the house as a family member.
  • does NOT include a spay/neuter clause, but does include breeding restrictions
  • the guarantee is generally the same except that we also guarantee the pup will not have any genetic problems that would not allow it to be bred
  • initially, show puppies are sold on limited AKC registrations to be reevaluated at maturity for full AKC registration.  If any characteristic that would preclude the dog as show prospect are evident (i.e. bad bite, coat, etc.) limited registration will not be lifted

parchment and scales

The Owner....

  • must prepare, train, condition, groom and socialize the dog properly for show or limited registration will not be lifted
  • is not required to obtain the services of a professional handler, but if not, we expect you to take conformation classes to learn to show the dog yourself

If limited registration is changed to full registration, the owner will...

  • be responsible for ALL puppies produced, for their life and use a strong contract with all sales
  • screen potential homes thoroughly and take back any dogs produced for ANY reason if the owner can't keep it
  • keep accurate records and only breed to quality animals (specifics are spelled out)
  • obtain all required health clearances on both sire and dam before breeding
  • sell all pet puppies with spay/neuter provisions and limited AKC registrations
  • never to breed the dog to produce hybrids or other mixes
  • participate in a specific number of dog events
  • abide by specific restrictions for stud dogs (includes agreeing NOT to neuter)
  • abide by specific breeding restrictions on bitches
  • we may retain a co-ownership (but this usually isn't necessary since we only sell show pups to people we know REALLY well and can trust to do the right thing anyway)

Please see our pet contract page for the basic requirements.  They are the same.  The dog must be a housepet (not kenneled), have a fenced yard, etc.  For more specifics, please contact us.