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Snow Day Photo Albumn

Gotcha - Pod, Superman and Mocha 2008

Gracie 2008

Quick Refreshment (Superman)

The KIll Mocha game (Mocha and Superman) 2008

Superman lying down in the snow 2008

Wrestling in the snow 2008 (Pod Superman and Mocha)

Run Holly Run


Swingset and trees covered in deep snow

Holly & Hoover wrestling

Holly and Hoover

Run star run


Holly & Hoover

Holly and Hoover

Run Hoover Run


Shadow sniffing around


Chase me game in the snow

Chase me mom! says Holly

Star dives into the snow


Hoover looks around


At least this year, Michigan really is a winter wonderland and the dogs love it! As for the old folks, they decided to stay inside and relax by the fireplace