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Double Kicksled Double Kicksled Kicksledding is pure joy, and turns nearly all sledders into mountain boys and girls. Gliding along on hard-packed snow or ice seems effortless (though it's actually good exercise), and you get to take your sweetheart or young one along too. Mountain Boy kicksleds are an artistic interpretation of a traditional, time-tested Nordic design. Folding down the kicksled is easy, and reduces the height of the sled from 36" to 7" -- just right for putting it on top of your car or into the attic for summer storage.

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Togo, Minnesota

Dan visits Iditarod Training Camp

A few years ago Dan had the opportunity to go to Togo, Minnesota to breed Star to Sprite, one of Nancy Russell's Iditarod dogs.  It was a unique experience because he was able to hang out in training camp and even do a litle mushing with Nancy.  He met Martin Buser and other s of Iditarod fame.  He also saw a huge variety of dog boxes, camping set ups, and the scenery was beautiful.  Personally, you'd never catch me somewhere so rustic that cell phone service  was an hour away but Dan loved it!  He spent a week there, camping in the van with a small heater.  He was able to ride the ATV with Nancy as she trained her dogs and served as look-out during their night runs.  It was an incredible experience.  Here are some of the photos he took of his trip.

Bob Russell

One of the buildings.

A cool ATV.

One of the custom dog boxes.

A team getting ready to run.

Dogs staked during a rest period.

Another team.

Dinner time.

A musher's dog yard.

More dog boxes.

Nancy Russell's team getting ready to go.

View from the ATV.

Nancy stops to check a potential tangle.

Night run at -30 degrees Farenheit.  The steam is coming from the dog bodies.

Future sled dogs.

One of the roads.

An all Samyod Quebec, Canada team.

One musher's camping setup.