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Prehistoric Malamutes

The real source of the Caveman's tools....

Tongue in cheek, I'm putting this out there for your ponder.  Recently we've found a source of raw deer bones which the dogs absolutely LOVE.  Doggy popcorn.  However the shards they leave behind after getting out the marrow makes me wonder...who REALLY invented prehistoric tools. Could Archaeologists be wrong?

I propose it was the Malamute.that created the first bone knives, bone needles, bone scrapers - even the first bone spoons.  Here's my theory ...prehistoric man kills deer (or other large animal), throws the bones to his loyal Malamute.  Malamute crunches down the raw bones and creates new bone tools which are then refined and modified by the simple a caveman can do it (to steal from Geico)....Maybe we are giving our ancestors too much credit.  Maybe it was their dogs that created the first tools that early humans used.  Don't believe me?  As I said, this is tongue in cheek, but these are some of the "tools" our Malamutes created from the deer bones.  Why is this not pondered in academic circles?  Because the difference between Man and Malamute is that man says I can USE that and the Malamute says ...hey, let me finish EATING that, eating the evidence... Maybe our first bone tools were stolen from the first domesticated dogs....

The Canine Treadmill.

The Canine Treadmill. If a malamute invented tools, I'm sure his next project would be this.  Side rails keep dogs' attention forward, and most pets will benefit from 45 minutes of moderate activity. Speed, distance, and incline can be adjusted using simple controls Large Treadmill. For breeds up to 100 lbs., it uses a 1 hp motor and has a 75 1/4" L x 17" W running surface with 0-7% incline, and operates at speeds from 0.5 to 8 mph. With recessed treat holder, Max's favorite feature~