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These are the ultrasonic pictures of Mulan's puppies inutero at 28 days - can you tell who is who?  The vet says there are 5 or 6 ...of course I heard that LAST time and there were 11! (turns out there were only 3)





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In Utero Ultrasound of Puppies

This is an ultrasound of Jaz, Mulan and Pod in utero. I though it might be interesting for those of you who have never seen a dog ultrasound before - so here it is. These are the puppies at 26 days!


ALIEN INVASION XRAY that sent us in a tail spin of wondering how in the world could we have THAT many puppies ...normally there are only 5 or 6.  This was done with a state of the art digital x-ray - you would only see a few had it been done with a normal veterinary x-ray.