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O'Mal Puppies are BETTER because you aren't JUST buying a puppy.  You are buying a puppy that was carefully raised and bred to be a loved family companion. O'Mal puppies...

Are very well socialized

Temperament tested

Chosen just for you (because we don't want you to get more Malamute than you can handle)

Get a head start on potty training

Get a head start on leash training

Are Vet checked for health problems

Was carefully planned to make sure the puppy is healthy, and has good temperament as much as possible

Are wormed at least twice and cleared

Get their first vaccinations

Get supplemental foods beyond puppy food such as hamburger, chicken, yogurt and healthy treats

Are fed a premium food

Are Microchipped 

You get to pick the AKC name

We take care of the AKC and Microchip registrations 

Pup is not taken from Mom too early

Pup gets to socialize with adult dogs as well as puppies

Play with children early

Are started on heartworm prevention (depending on time of year)

Are raised in our home 24/7 (not put outside in a kennel once they get a certain age)

Get to experience car rides

Are always welcome back if circumstances ever change or their new home can't keep them

We use the best vets for better survival rates

Nails are cut regularly

Pups are brushed and handled regularly

Pups are picked up and cuddled constantly

Are loved dearly by us

They get a bath when needed

They learn house and dog manners from us and the adult dogs

They get lots of safe visitors (the other puppy homes and friends) so they are not afraid of strangers

24/7 Support from us if needed

A forum of other O'Mal owners who are supportive and helpful

Mom is fed premium food throughout pregnancy and nursing

Starter food and water

Puppy collar and ID tag

You get to know all the puppies, not just one (and ofttimes their families too)

Take home a familiar toy with mom and siblings scent for comfort

Visit their new homes (nearby ones) before they go there permanently when possible

Are NEVER shipped

You can visit the puppies often once Mom is comfortable sharing them

We make sure their new homes are the best we can find

Grow up in an enriched environment (toys, pool in summer, inside and outside playtime)

Grow up in a clean environment

Learn the word "no", their puppy names and   other useful words (off, outside, come) that makes them fast learners once they go to their new homes

Puppycam! Check in on the puppies daily and watch them grow up even if you can't always visit

which is why... our puppy owners almost always come back when they want another Malamute

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 Currently we are working on developing our new property. Due to the economy, our house in Howell isn't selling so that has crimped our timeframe in getting things done.  We have tentatively postponed any future litters till possibly late summer/early fall.  Much will depend on if our house sells because this house is just too small the way it is for another litter.  So if you are interested, you'll have to be patient. 

Possible future Mocha & Max...

The next litter we have planned will be Mocha & Max the spring of 2012.   Mocha has already proven she'll be a terrific mom the way she helped with Jazzy's Sequel litter.   If you have what it takes to be a wonderful O'Mal puppy owner - we'd like to hear from you. We are in the UP now so yes, it will be farther to go - but  so worth it.  We are taking reservations now because we don't know if Mocha will have a typical litter of 3-5 puppies - or be like Mom 8-11 puppies!  We want them all to go to homes we know well, so if you are interested, now is the time to contact us.    


Max's Page                                                                              Mocha's Page

Future litters:

We are considering a Simone/Superman litter as well - much will depend on how far along we are with building our new house. If you are interested  give us a call or email and stay in touch. Plan on making a trip to Michigan's Upper Peninsula to meet us (we're midway between Marquette & Escanaba) - we're in a great resort area so there is a lot to do here - make it a mini-vacation.  More about our move & things to do in the area visit:


Simone's Page                                                                      Superman's Page                                                                                  

If you interested in a puppy from a future litter first and foremost - we want to get to know you.  Send us an email or call - if it seems like a good match, we'll invite you over to meet the pack.  We already have a waiting list of a few previous O'Mal puppy owners for certain litters. If you've always wanted an O'Mal puppy this year may be your best chance ever, as we typically only breed a litter every couple of years so this year will be a grand exception.

We don't allow anyone to pick their puppy - we choose for you based on temperament, and the home. We don't want you to end up with more dog than you can handle and want the pup to fit nicely into your household. We require a fenced yard, and that it be an indoor dog. I will want to meet all family members,  other pets, hear about your dog experience and what kind of previous pets you've had, occupation and time you have to spend with the puppy/dog...

Where do you live? We don't ship (you'd need to be able to come up to upper Michigan to meet us and pick up the puppy when it's ready to go home at 9 weeks). I especially want people that will stay in touch for the lifetime of the dog.  That is VERY important to us!  Every one of our previous pups owners have become great friends, we'd like you to be one too.  We do NOT want people that will disappear once they get their puppy. We require a $200 deposit, the remainder when you pick up your new family member.

We also have a contract you must sign saying you'll spay/neuter, provide healthcare, certain living conditions, etc. I do not put the price on the website as that constitutes an agreement to sell (and I won't if I don't feel it's a good match).  The price includes microchipping and registration, first shots, worming, vet check,  AKC litter registration, lots of socialization and love, access to our private and friendly forum,  and of course our 24/7 lifetime "tech support" for the carbon based canine units.  

Follow the birth of puppies on Twitter.  I post updates as they are born up until the webcam is turned on!  Sign up for an account at then follow "@omalmals" for live pupdates... (I am really lax about Tweeting otherwise...)

follow omalmals at

This page is in memory of our beautiful girls Bog and Star who we lost from complications of Pyometra.