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 And the rest of our pups and their talents...

Natasha and drainNatasha Inc., Demolitons Expert.  Natasha has taken it upon herself to redecorate the entire Robinson household.  This bathroom has got to go! And you thought we were kidding?????? (Natasha does Gutters too)



Kiska WalmartKiska cheerleaderKiska works as Wal-Mart greeter because she's so friendly, but in her spare time is a Cheerleader encouraging everyone she meets. Rah Rah!!! 

Dawson BondDawson is a  secret agent - the name is Bond, Dawson Bond.  He is so stealthy he can hide in plain site and the ladies love him!

Ninja JunoJuno is a Ninja Archaeologist that perfers a backhoe to tweezers...she is stealthy and coy... sometimes you'd think she was blind and deaf...but no...she's focused her special skills on looking for rare dinosaur bones at her newest dig site.

Meeko the princess - fancy gown  Meeko is a Medieval princess, and is doted upon by her human subjects....

Moya the ballerinaMoya is a prima ballerina...who is agile and smart like her pet exotic birds.

SpiderjackJack is the "enforcer" but underneath is very quiet and sweet like Spiderman.  If anyone - cat, puppy or human gets out of hand, he uses his spidey powers to pin them until help arrives.

Shadow CaponeOn the other hand Shadow is the world class thief and notorious bank robber - Al Capone.... just gimme the goods baby or get whacked!

Stryker singerStryker is a singer in a Country Band...his favorite songs to sing are by Sugarland (but do you see how he's looking at the's not about the music!)

Koani PrincessKoani is Grace Kelly - benevolent Queen reigning over her subjects.

Harley the clown (orange hair, striped suit, sitting on a giant toy block) Harley would have been a clown, entertaining children with backrolls and silly antics.

Tova - accepting Miss Congenality awardTova was Miss Congeniality, friendly to all



And friends' mals ...(not my breeding but just as cute)...


Wolf the talk show host

Of my three dogs, Wolf is the most talkative. 
People will look at her and say: "That dog is ready to start talking any day now!" if Wolf was a human, she would be a talk show host.  Here she is interviewing Elijah Wood. --Mary Ann


Who would your pet be?