Animal Rights Organizations

No one feels animals need more rights than I do  ...but these people take it too far.  They are also hypocrites and murder animals under the guise of helping them.  The sad thing is many people aren't aware of their tactics and believe the propaganda they disseminate to the public.  I know many people who love animals and think their donations are going to help animals...they are not. If you knew what they were up to, no one would donate to their "cause".  Educate yourself, PETA and the Humane Society of the United States are both domestic terrorist organizations that use your love of animals to sucker you into donating to them. 

They are not about the welfare of animals, but about stopping us all from having Malamutes and lobbying to that end.  All money collected is used to lobby against Malamutes.  Those of us that go to dog shows know of PETA's terror personally...they have gone into shows and poisoned, released or stolen dogs from the safety of their crates so that they can be killed on interstates.  Is that animal "welfare"...not in my opinion!  Educate yourself before you donate to any supposed animal rights organization - many are not as they seem!

Recently it's come out that PETA has been stealing dogs from people's yards to euthanize them!  County Sheriff Todd Godwin insists that he charged the two PETA workers with larceny. The prosecutor has apparently refused to pursue the case, however, citing insufficient evidence of "criminal intent." Let's try to comprehend this: we have a home surveillance video clearly demonstrating that a van marked "PETA" pulled up to the house of Wilbur Cerate, and that someone took the family's chihuahua, Maya. PETA has reportedly admitted that Maya was killed: they arrived later with a basket of fruit as compensation, says Maya's owner. (For some bizarre reason, PETA thinks that a nice basket of food makes killing pets okay.)

Do you REALLY want to give your hard earned money to a terrorist group like PETA? Never leave your pet outside when you aren't home unless the area is totally inaccessible and locked to prevent someone from getting in or letting your dog out!


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