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Home Made Dog Toy guide plus multiple bonus dog ebooks. I haven't tried these, but for the cost of dog toys, might be worth a look!


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Beam me up (note the red shirt)

Dead Toy Gallery

The first thing you learn with a new Malamute is they require lots of toys. A bored dog is an unhappy dog that may decide peeling wallpaper or gutting the sofa is fun, since a bored dog is also a destructive dog. We've found Malamutes love all kinds of toys, but they must be durable, safe and for some dogs, non-toxic without small parts. There are many commercial products that are made especially for large dogs that are safe, durable and fun! However, nothing is completely indestuctable to a determined Malamute. Shadow managed to "kill"a guaranteed indestructible ball by continuously popping it in his

A friend's dog ATE a kong (a very hard, large rubbery chew toy) that had to be surgically removed from his stomach. Most every Malamute owner will have a funny story about something their dog has eaten! Fortunately, because our dogs are raised with toys from a very young age they usually (notice I said USUALLY) don't eat the parts of things they destroy. Malamutes love toys they can pretend to hunt, kill and gut. Toys that squeek and have stuffing to pull out and spread around the house are favorites! Needless to say, most pet toys rarely last very long so there is no sense in buying expensive ones unless they are particularly durable.

I scour garage sales for baby-safe squeekies and stuffed animals they can destroy in a matter of minutes, but Ahhhh those few minutes! These do not have the small metal squeekers or swallowable eyes and noses, so unless your Malamute will eat the stuffing or plastic shreds, are pretty safe. For the potential new Malamute owner, here is our gallery "lifetimes").

Survival time:

headless dolltreat ball with insert that  holds treats in removed (ball undamaged elsewhere)little mermaid squeakie missing head and tailtennis ball in pieces

Wednesday Adams doll (headless)
(3 hours)

Tennis Ball destruction?
(2 minutes)

The easy way to remove the treats (1 day)

Little Mermaid Squeeky
(5 minutes)

Koani's toy guts strewn living room
Courtesy of Koani and Crew - a typical Malamute living room

The Kong Quest lasted all of 3 minutes for Max....
I would NOT recommend this for a malamute since the chunks they can break off are very dangerous if swallowed.
It's sort of a softer, rubbery toy that lets you put treats in the holes.

When Star Trek Meets Planet Malamute


Simone - Tired of toying with the Invader

Mocha and Superman's Contributions


Doesn't look all that bad...but stuffing has been removed with surgical precision

From Tug to Rag    


"Le Oucho" Taco Bell Dog                         Some dogs have a more literary bent...Darby is a fan of good literature

Oh No Mr. Bill!

Oh NOMr. Bill...

Mula Loves Tennis balls and barbells....but they don't last long

Riggs says "I don't usually destroy toys, but when I do, they are obliterated" - the most interesting Dog in the World

Blotto ToyAll stuffing

Superman - Not exactly a toy (his bed) but it was just as much fun!
Callie's contribution (friend Andrea's mal) - her car


Frosty's contribution

Frosty shows how it's remove the stuffing just so
shredded toygutted porcupine and othersFrosty removing stuffing

elephant without feet shredded toys and partsFrosty chewing up a brown toy

















Shadow Kills The Tasmanian Devil

My Tasmanian Devil
(how appropriate!)No, it's MINE (pulling on TAZ)Nice n' chewy Mr. Taz (stuffed animal)He's still?The nose has to go

Stuffing flies everywhereDid I do somethingwrong???? (stuffing covers the floor)Is he still alive?A little to the left...and right