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We're Just Party Animals!           Kiska


If you're anything like us and our dogs, we enjoy a little clowning around now and then.  The only objection we've ever received was when Penny flat-out refused to Trick or Treat as a Dalmation. Maybe it's a breed thing?

I can DANCE (Holly in her dancing outfit -purple fringe)

Holly: OK, I'll wear this for the treat!  

Holly is a Roaring 20's Flapper for Halloween

Shelby in her Devil costume

Shelby - You Little Devil!

Tova - is that all hair or are you a just a skeleton?

Tova the skeleton



Koani Deer... Hey, do I look like Rudolph?


Cows?  Steak?  Cowgirl Penny says sounds good to me! 
Cowgirl Penny


I'm popeye the sailor dog

Sailor Shadow  

What do you mean - eye makeup? wearing a clown suit with polkadots

Homer the Puppy Clown

I'm cool Hoove - sunglasses
Cool Hoove
Lets play dressup - sunglasses, necklaces
 Penny's jewels
Ho Ho Ho Howl - Hoover 
 Santa Hoove

Penny as the Little Mermaid - where's Flounder?

Penny as the Little Mermaid


Puppy torture - wearing a cute hat - puppy has very serious look on face
  Puppy Fashion (River 5 wks)

  He really does think he's king too.

King Shadow

Dahhhhhling! silly hat, sunglasses and necklaces
"Dahling one musn't take these dog shows so seriously!" says Star

Anything for a treat 
Cheerleader Shadow?

The REAL Shadow.

Crash Test Dummy Shadow






Hamster with Barbie hat on 
Hamster Diva  





































































              Mocha as Catwoman                          Juno, Dreamer the cow and Superman with Sophia


         Superman as himself and Devil Dawson                          Juno the Witch