Dog Friendly Events

Howell Balloonfest

When we lived in Howell, it gave us ample opportunties to socialize our dogs.  The community hosts several dog-friendly events every year including the Balloonfest in June, the Melonfest in August, and the Fantasy of Lights Parade in December. The loud noises and crowds provide a unique opportunity to expose your Malamute to many different people and  other dogs.  The one benefit of taking your dog to a Balloon event as a puppy is they are less spooked by hot air balloons flying over your back yard.  The balloons emit a high pitched sound from their burners that has been known to send dogs into a frenzy and some have jumped fences and run off after being spooked by balloons.  While our dogs are not that fond of the sound, they get used to it living in the flight path. I'll never forget the time I was out walking Penny and Homer and a balloon landed in the field across from our house.  You would think the Antichrist himself had landed as Homer began to frantically try and dig his way into the house through the front door to get away from it. From that day on, I've tried to make the Balloonfest an annual event - especially when we have young puppies.  It's a great socializing experience - all the children, noises, the balloons,  and a medieval village with people dressed in costume.  It's an incredible socializing experience for puppies. It's usually the last week in June at the Howell High School campus. 

I'm too busy talking to puppy admirers to get any pictures of the puppies.  Next year!


On Saturday evening they have a Balloon "Glow" after dark.  Balloons return from the launch and are filled on the ground - an incredible thing to see. Many people attend with their Malamutes - Steph even brought her rabbit. 

Renaissance Festival

The Renaissance Festival in Holly, Michigan allows dogs and is another good socializing experience.  Proof of vaccinations and photo is required.

pup  joustingrenfest pup

Now that we are living in the Upper Peninsula, there is the Trenary Outhouse race

pup  pup

and the UP 200 dog sled race....

pup  pup

 A sweet little girl and her "sled dog" we met there........................the mushers..............


Traveling with Malamutes Resources

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