Funky Ear Jazz
Jazzy has this incredible ability to fold her ear BACKWARDS, it's up and looks normal, but she still folds it backwards when she is nervous...none of her 19 kids (2 litters) inherited this trait ..

Jasmine (aka Jazzy)

All That Jazz

O'Mal's All that Jazz

aka: Jasmine Imelda Myrtle (because she likes shoes and had 11 puppies)
Nicknames: Jazzer girl, Imelda, Little Jazz, Jazzer Jazzer, Funky-ear-jazz, Jumpin' Jazz
70 lbs

Jazzy is the antithesis of her sister - quiet, retiring, easily intimidated and willing to be last voluntarily - until she had 11 puppies - no more shy Jazz! She is now unequivical BOSS of her little 5 dog pack (Mula and Riggs and the two pups Mocha and Superman). Sweet and cuddly, she reminds me so much of dear Bog except for her love of shoes. Her nickname is Imelda because she collects them - leave your shoes or socks out and Jazzy carries them off. She doesn't chew them, just collects them! She has even tried to carry them off while they are on your feet. She gets distracted in dog class because she needs to check out everyone's feet! She also loves to watch TV, particularly the animal programs. She is as beautiful as she is sweet and willing to please. She is also straight man to her sister Mula....and they get along fantastically. Whereas Mula is wild and uncontrollable at times - Jazzy is first one to the door when called, sits quietly, always listens, is TOO obedient for a Malamute! She is smart, gentle and retiring and loves chew hooves and stealing shoes.She is very curious and is always wanting to see what I'm doing. She also adores her big brother Riggs. Of all the puppies she is the bitey-est and will happily chew on your hand to let you know you are loved - ouch! She solved this problem herself, now she greets you with a toy in her mouth - and will snuggle close for a cuddle. Without her sister to instigate and keep things lively, Jazzy would be almost invisible she is so quiet and unassuming (and I LOVE the cuddle part). Jazz happily follows Mula, content to be second fiddle to the adventurous one and always helps her sister get in trouble digging a mud puddle or defolating a bush - except when going out the door. She must be first and then does a shake and wiggle before going out (after which Mula follows). She also has a temper and if Mula gets too rough, lets her know it (not that Mula even notices). It would seem Mula would be the dominant of the two - but guess who gets the treat that falls between them? Goes through the door first? Wins every argument or game of keep-away? Sweet shy Jazzy! The two rarely even have a tiff and amazingly get along great - probably because they are so very different and have very different priorities which elminates any jelousy issues you typically see with Malamute females. And yes, they both adore Riggs and have deep respect for Mom Holly - especially Jazz who is the perfect suck-up (and Holly loves it). Jazz also has a special talent - the ability to fold her ear BACKWARDS - looks pretty strange and has earned her the nickname of FunkyEarJazz.....

Jazz has mellowed so muchafter having 11 puppies...but that's just like Jazzy - she has to do everything "over the top". I guess 11 kids would mellow anyone! She was a great mom - nursing them ALL until 5 weeks and she stillsees some of them occasionally when they visit and is happy to see them - playing with them in the yard. She is also the kind of mom that thinks her kids can do no wrong. When Auntie Mula tells Superman to be good, she gets a growl from Jazz telling her Superman is PERFECT...before she teaches them all kinds of bad things like digging or stealing the toilet paper. She is grooming Mocha for the job of Taking care of Riggs. She's taught her to clean his eyes and ears and watch over himwhich is so sweet to see.

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