Name: Kara
Nicknames: Mop Queen   

AKC Registered Name: O'Mal's Dancing Queen  

 Weight: 55lbs

Kara was Superman's cousin in the comics...well, she took it literally.  She IS a comic.  No mop was safe around Kara as a little pup - she loves to chase things and when she sees the mop she grabs it and hangs on...going for a ride! (She's also taught LeeLoo how to do this).  Now that she's grown, she no longer rides mops, but she IS always there helping.   If you are trying to clean, she's there helping you. She's also fond of the chase games invented by the older dogs such as Kill Kara and is the major play instigator.  She is bubbly, happy and very friendly and something of a mischevious troublemaker.  She's also a determined escape artist. While Superman got his name as "man OVER steel" escaping the puppy area, Kara (named for Superman's cousin) took it to new levels.  If the gate is open, over she goes without hesitation...then roams the house saying hi to all the big dogs - who all respect her moxy and say hi back.  She especially loves Max who she has loved since she could walk.  Even though he will growl and snarl at her (he still thinks the girl puppies are 'scary'), she will go over to see him if he's in his crate anyway.  She has ALWAYS loved Max...Max is her guy (even if he doesn't think so).  

She was the smallest pup, but has a BIG heart.  She's also TONS of fun and also the BOSS of the other girls - Netiri & LeeLou.  While LeeLou takes her bossing in stride, and shrugs it off, it's caused some pretty good fights with Netiri.  We have not kept "the comedian" before and I just love it.  She always makes you laugh with her silly antics - as well as the times she instigates and gets everyone into trouble by getting into the trash, stealing stuff off my desk, or generally getting into mischief.  She has tons of energy and MUST be kept busy.  She has a lot of confidence and struts around like Theodore (her Dad) and has no fear of anything.  She has that devil may care attitude and the glint of trouble in her eye at all times.  If we are angry, the other dogs respect that and will settle down and do what they are supposed to - not Kara.  She's got a mind of her own and uses it!  She also likes agitate Netiri....which would start fights.  So far it's not serious...just a friendly competition - just sibling stuff - like when you have a sister that likes to aggitate and make you mad by calling you fat or wearing your favorite shoes! I think Kara just likes the excitement! So we finally gave up and keep those two apart....before it gets serious.  She is always busy and curious. When want the three to go in the bedroom to hang out in the evening, the other two go straight there....not Kara...first she visits Max, then takes a look in the computer room, then runs across the house to the door, and then to the bathroom and EVENTUALLY (with us chasing her) makes it to the bedroom where the other two are waiting for her. Yep, she's the trouble maker, but in a NICE way....and she's funny...never a dull moment with Kara around!

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