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Max's Theme
...the Monster Max

I was working in the lab late one night
when my eyes beheld an eerie sight
for my Max from his slab began to rise
and suddenly to my surprise
He did the Max
He did the Monster Max
The Monster Max
It was a graveyard smash
He did the Max
It caught on in a flash
He did the Max
He did the monster Max
From my office in the castle east
to the master bedroom where the
vampires feast
The dog zombies all came from their
humble abodes
to get a jolt from my electrodes
He did the Max
He did the Monster Max
The Monster Max
It was a graveyard smash
He did the Max
It caught on in a flash
He did the Max
He did the monster Max
The puppies were having fun
The party had just begun
The guests included Superman
and Max his son
The scene was rockin', all were digging
the sounds
Holly on chains, backed by Wooing sounds
The door pounders were about to arive
With their vocal group "The CPR Five"
Out from her dog pen, Pod's voice did ring
Seems she was troubled by just one thing
She opened the door and shook her fist
And said "What ever happened to my
Transylvania Twist?"
She did the Max
She did the Monster Max
The Monster Max
It was a graveyard smash
She did the Max
It caught on in a flash
She did the Max
She did the monster Max
Now eveything's cool, Max is part of the band
And the Monster Max is the hit of the land
For humans, this dance was meant for you too
When you get to my door
tell them Theo sent you
Then you can Max
And do the Monster Max
The Monster Max
It's a graveyard smash
Then you can Max
You'll catch on in a flash
And Monster Max



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"Max" for Maximus

Nicknames: Mr. Max and various forms of "Max"
Office Max (when I'm working), Re-Max (when training something over and over), iMax, Max Factor (grooming time), CineMax (watching TV), Mad Max (when he's in trouble), Maxed Out (when tired), Maximum Security (patroling the yard with Riggs) and Side-Trax-Max (when he gets distracted - which with a a guy like Max who is just a huge puppy, is ALL the time!)

AKC Registered Name: O'Mal's Gladiator
90 lbs  

Maximus is one of the iPod puppies, has a personality all his own. He is the mellow guy, who used to have a cranky streak when he got tired, but no longer.  Now he's just a giant puppy.  He did a LOT of puppy zen meditation to get in the zone as a baby, and now his personality is very calm and balanced.  He's grown a LOT and now weighs about 90 lbs - about the same size Hoover was. 

A beautiful and sweet puppy he was adopted by the whole pack and other than Theo - who had a falling out with him over Theo's tail surgery - gets along with everyone. Riggs liked him a lot and was training him for the alpha job. I think Superman wants that job, and is slowly earning it, though he thinks his son is pretty cool! In the mean time he's doted on by aunts and cousins, and was especially doted on by Great Grandma Holly who was his favorite playmate until she died. She taught him the fine art of bunny-hunting and he's a VERY good hunter for a boy! He was the puppy in the litter without a lot of personality other than his mellowness, which always seems to mean they will have plenty when they grow up!  

His favorite toys are PUG EGGS ... which are really small round squeaky toys.  (see the video below of him playing with it).  He can play for hours - entertaining himself.  He's also the adopted child of Mulan...she really thinks he's her adopted son and loves playing with him.  Because of the gauze left in her, she didn't play with her own puppies that much - but has made up for lost time with Max.  He is her favorite playmate. He considers her is "other" Mom.

 He is very well behaved - doesn't chew up things, potty trained amazingly fast, and his only fault is he likes to talk a bit too much and of course, do the Superman pound..  He wants to be a part of everything and throws a tantrum (like Superman) when he can't.  He's good about hanging out quietly in my office when I work, and even has different ways of asking to go out!  He whines for pee, and barks for poop!  What more can you ask!  He was a bit reserved when we went to puppy class...but as soon as his sister Shila arrived - the party was on!  His social coordinator  arrived and he became Mr. Outgoing - a totally different guy - even at 2 he still adored his sister.  He also thinks Mocha is pretty cool too.  He is very affectionate and though slow to warm up, loves people and every other dog he meets.   Actually I'm amazed a puppy this calm came from Superman and Pod!

Pug egg time!



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Video from puppy class during play time (taken on my cell phone)


Don't fence me in....


Music: The Monster Mash