Weight: 72 lbs

Nicknames: Mochster, Moch, MochaMochaMocha, Mokey Pokey, Mocha-hontas
AKC Registered Name: O'Mal's Alaskan Iced Mocha
4 yrs.

Mocha is a sweety not even close to an alpha bitch - that's why I fell in love with her.  It was those eyes.  She wasn't the best puppy from the litter of 11, she had this dweeby head (which is great now) but oh those eyes - and she won my heart with her ability to get along with everyone.  Just like Auntie Mula.  She fits into this pack of mostly girls just fine and is totally content to be at the bottom of the pile - literally and figuratively.  In fact, she also loves the game "kill Mocha" too (used to be Kill Mula).  The way the game works is everyone chases her and she rolls over and they win celebrating by chewing on her feet, neck and other body parts.  She'll even play it with puppies.  She is happiest when she's literally covered in puppies - anyone's puppies! She's proven herself to be an excellent Auntie to her Mom's most recent litter - babysitting and playing with the puppies tirelessly.  I don't know what I'd do without her!  She'll be a fantastic mom herself as she watches Jazzy imitating everything she does - even once tried to get the puppies to nurse from her (she was incredibly disappointed when they didn't).  She loves teaching the puppies the family "games" such as Kill Mocha or "Fast" (Fast was invented by Holly and passed down).  She also loves tennis balls and cuddling on the bed. 

If you lie down on the bed, you'll hear a thump and Mocha will instantly be at your side awaiting a cuddle.  She'll be perfectly still and is totally content with a one finger belly rub or ear scratchie.

Mocha is the one that gets everyone to play and gets along magnificently with all of her female relatives - they all adore her and no one feels threatened by her.  She has even been a fabulous babysitter to tiny pups.  No mean feat when most Malamutes at this age are beginning to challenge the hierarchy and especially the other ladies in the pack dynamics.  Not Mocha, she's content wherever she is and is always up for a good race around the yard, playing in the pool or digging a crater with her brother Superman or anyone else. She adores Auntie Pod and Simone and they both gang up and modify the game to "Kill Superman" or "Kill Theodore". She loves gutting toys and chewing on my shoes (ugh! must be a Jazzy gene) but I just adore this beautiful and sweet girl!  She usually follows the pack rules but does have that devilish grin when she's up to something, that always gives her intentions away. Like stealing the toilet paper.  She has figured out a new way to cuddle as well...she does the Mocha Lap Dance....if your lap is empty, expect Mocha to crawl into it (back feet still on the floor now that she's big). If you come and visit us - expect it - no lap is safe - and she'll stay there as long as you will let her.  Anything for a cuddle!



The eyes I fell for

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