Mulan - O'Mal's Moola Moola Tova

  (aka Mula)  

Nicknames: Mu, Mula, Mula Mula, Chungamoola, MulaGoat, SlowMoMula, Miss Moo, Moo Moo, and MooPoo

AKC Name:  O'Mal's Moola Moola Tova
  70 lbs - 4 years old

Mulan is a comedian and loves everyone.  She is always busy.  Outgoing and happy, she has an easygoing, love everyone, personality to die for.  Adventurous, playful, and sometimes quite wild!  She can't just say hi, but has to STAND on top of you! She loves tennis balls and always has something in her mouth.  Her favorite tennis balls are the double barbell ones - twice the fun!  I also think she's part goat too - as she is always climbing something.  Her favorite toy is a tiny de-stuffed black fleecy bone - it is trashed and barely in one piece, but she still plays with it and tries to get Jazzy to play keep-away.  But when push comes to shove, she is the reason the two girls get along so well - Mula won't fight - about anything (I love this!).  She must have a non-compete clause in her contract because whereas Jazz loves TV, Mula could care less, Jazz is a picky eater, Mula will eat anything - they are opposites in every way.  She is a bundle of joy, scary smart, afraid of nothing, outgoing and super-friendly to people as well as any dogs - even TINY ones. 

She also loves to eat and has already earned another nickname: chungamoola!  She has no fear of anything.  I just LOVE this girl's temperament and hope to do agility with her someday - after all she is already balancing on wood beams and going through tunnels and climbing fences on her own! She doesn't have an aggressive bone in her body - and doesn't mind being on the bottom of the pile happily chewed on by everyone.  She is the instigator, the spark, the puppy that got all the others to play...and by the way, she could care LESS about shoes...unless they are taking her for a walk! She is Jazzy's best friend - they have worked out their pack order perfectly - not bad for two female siblings (and quite unusual).  They are best friends - Mula lets Jazz through the door first and will even do an extra wide circle to make sure she gets there after Jazz, avoids eye contact when necessary and gives Jazzy first dibs on plates to lick and lets Jazz ambush her in the yard good naturedly - she is laid back about the pack hierachy thing - though she's the outgoing one, she lets Jazz be the boss for almost everything (except she wants to be first to be petted by strangers - which of course, is just fine with her sister!)

I'm sure you're wondering about the strange AKC name - well, her name is Mulan (as a puppy I thought her neck mark reminded me of armour and I called the litter Disney names - so she naturally became Mulan - the adventurous Chinese girl of the movie).  As she got older she is such a goofball we started singing the Boola Boola Yale Fight Song (only as Mula Mula) to her to get her to come (being a total HAM she would come running when she heard it) - well, this wonderful happiness and friendliness reminded me so much of wonderful Tova from our first litter - a puppy we fell in love with but couldn't keep to show because of her wooly coat.  I was NOT going to give up my heart dog a second time!  As she has grown up, she is exactly as I expected - fun friendly and fantastic!

Mula is always ready to DO something so has become our event dog...which means if there's a crowd, if there's something unusual, she gets to go because she thrives on new people and new experiences.  Say "bye byes" and she practically shoots from a cannon and bounces off the walls!

Mula's Photo Albumn

Moola FaceMiss Moopuppup MoolaMo and Jazzpuppup Moola and Riggspuppup



A Glacer's Mula is a stream running under a glacier -
When I got tired of the questions "is Moola for Money?" (it's NOT Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr)
I changed the spelling to Mula (which really fits better anyway since her name is Mulan. - quite appropriate for an arctic dog!