Name: Netiri
Nicknames: Little Girl, Shower Puppy, Little Miss
AKC Registered Name: O'Mal's Avatar

 Weight: 75lbs

Netiri's name comes from the title character in the movie Avatar - the largest puppy with a gentle, deep and sensitive soul.  She is sweet and gentle, quiet and thoughtful.  Netiri is not a leader, and can be quite reserved.  She's the "good child" and always comes when you call her (unlike LeeLoo or Kara who you must chase around the yard to get inside).  She rarely gets into trouble (except for the occasional fight with her sisters when they get too pushy).  She still urinates submissively if she is scared or confused.  She is timid, and prefers the comfort of routine and the bordom of the same environment to adventure - unlike her sisters.  She would be happy to never leave the house (her Mom Jazzy is a homebody too).   She is slow to warm up, and loves routine.  She even made herself a "job".  Every night when I take a shower she'll refuse to come back in the house after pottying unless she can be "shower puppy"....which consists of hanging out in the bathroom while I take a shower.  It's a tough job, but someone has to do it!   If you tell her come be shower puppy she shoots back in like a rocket! She'll poke her head in to see where I'm at and then do a happy scoot around the bathroom.  She no longer gets along with LeeLoo or Kara very well so now she goes out with Jazzy & Mocha which suits her just fine.  She just adores Mocha and they will play so nice together.  I think Mocha actually likes her best!  She is intensely tuned into your emotions and gets upset if anyone is angry or too loud.  She's a very sensitive girl, and one of the reasons we kept her is it will take her a couple of years to actually find herself, mature, and gain confidence. She is still such a puppy at heart.

Netiri's Photo Albumn

puppup pup pup pup puppup