Nicknames: Ok, we've had fun with this one: Podlet, Pea-Pod, Escape Pod, LilyPod, Launch Pod, PestPod, TriPod, iPod, PodGod-ess, Hyperpod, ModPod, SpacePod, Pod Luck, Hoverpod, Psychopod, Pest Pod, CrashPod, Cow-pod - she Podcasts when she howls, and Hairy Podder when she sheds...and a few I can't remember! Confucious say: A Pod with many names is much loved so.... She also has her own website:www.hairy-podder.com

The more the merrier!

AKC Registered Name: O'Mal's Tiny Dancer
size: 70 lbs

Sadly, Pod is no more. In the fall of 2016 she left for the Rainbow Bridgeat 12 1/2 years of age due to an aggressive mammary cancer.It was removed, but grew back within a couple of weeks so we spent her last month spoiling her rotten. She even got the chocolate she loved so much without having to steal it. We will miss that sweet goofy face and gentle woo.


The first thing you notice about Pod is THAT TONGUE.It's always out with a goofy expression.She sometimes even sleeps with it on the floor!Pod is a world class escape artist - nothing holds her for long. But that's only because she wants to be near you - she's a people POD... She was best friends with Chevy and her adopted mom Gracie (who took care of her as if she were her own) - meanwhile her real mom, Holly, does not like her at all. Pod is a lot like her sisters (Mula and Jazz) except she's taller, lankier, and has qualities of both - she's a little shy like Jazz, and pushy like Mula - but in many ways is most like Holly. Now that Chevy is gone to the rainbow bridge - Superman and Mocha are her "pack" that she shares with the others. But she thinks they are all hers - the three of them will run for HOURS nonstop in the yard. If the puppies need to be tired out, Pod is the one to do it!

She was never one to get into any REAL trouble though, and her only vice was a love of chocolate.If I'd leave me desk drawer open, I'd return to find all the chocolate gone (which scared us more than once) and everything inthe drawer soaking wet with slobber.She did like her chocolate.

As a youngster, she was an expert climber and if you left her outside long enough, she'd scale the 5 ft. woodpile so she can get a great view of the landscape! Of course, she can't always get down which means we have to rescue her. No pen or crate will hold her long - we have to use tons of extra clips though fortunately she doesn't feel the same about the back yard and so far she stays put there.. She is ALWAYS the one that starts the game of keep away. She loves it because she is much faster! She has the structure of a gazelle - lean and lithe with the longest tongue I've ever seen. (in fact, she reminds me of Jar Jar Binks of Star wars....) She is also a talker like Mom Holly, and always has something to say using the famous Pod "trill"...it's not a howl, or a bark, but is sort of like a trill sound...trrrrrrrr vrrrrrrr wrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! She likes nothing better than to hang out and watch TV on the bed, but it's hard for her to be still as she's always busy - on the bed, off the bed, on the bed, off investigating. It can drive you nuts!!! She loves to do new things and loves rides in the van.... She also earned her nickname pee-pod because if she gets angry she isn't getting enough attention..well, you get it.... But generally she is a sweetheart, very busy and a lot of fun. Her favorite toy is a CUZ - a strange little ball with feet and horns - kind of like Pod - a sweety with a devilish side!!!

She also likes her Poohbah! She is in love - she got a Poohbah at one of our garage sale excursions (Pod is my official Garage Sale dog!) and thinks it's her puppy. She won't stay out long and hurries back because Poobah may call for her (or so she thinks). She is so gentle with Poohbah puppy. Poohbah talks and says "PooBah" - which I truly think Pod thinks means "mommy". It also says "ooooooh" "uuuuuuuu" and other strange sounds and Pod just loves it. It is suitably slimy wet from being carried constantly and you'll hear "PoooooohBah" coming from her room. In case you are wondering what a Poohbah is - see below. Pod's favorite Poohbah is orange, but it's so slimy wet I couldn't get a good photo of it.

In 2010, Pod had 3 real puppies...one very small.She really didn't get the mommy thing and sadly crushed the tiny one at 5 weeks.She always seemed to be distracted and really never "got" what being a mommy is all about.Maybe because they didn't go "ooooooh" and "uuuuuuuuu".She likes to occasionally play with Max, but her idea of playing with him is to run randomly around the yard by herself.Max tries to follow and seems confused, but he loves her just the same.He followed her everywhere and was always an obedient good son. Generally Pod is a loner with the other dogs these days, though she still likes Superman and Gracie.I've called her desperately seeking Pod (after the movie Desperately Seeking Susan) because she is always acts like she is looking for something.She is never still. Some day Pod, I hope you find it!

Pod's Photo Gallery

Pod facepupGoat POD i-Pod pup pup puppup puppup

Pod's alter ego - Jar Jar Binks puppup
Pod's PoohBah Poobah

There are many Pods in the world, but we think ours is the best.

puppuppuppuppuppuppup pup

(Left to right: iPod, Peas in a Pod, Dolphin Pod, POD Storage, POD the Group, and People Pod, Battlepod,)

There's even a Russian Pod Submarine