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Tethered escape artist Superman

Weight: 85lbs
Nicknames: Dorkboy, Superbrat, Superboy, Super Duper Yooper  Pooper Puker man
AKC name:  O'Mal's Kryptonite

Superman is a great guy!  Not only is he structurally sound, beautiful and healthy - but has a temperament to die for!  Watch out bad guys! He is totally living up to his name and watches out for his little sister Mocha being the one to ask when she needs to go outside, and watching over her and her best friend. As a puppy he was first to escape any enclosure gaining him the title Man OVER steel. He gained his most unusual moniker (Super Duper Yooper Pooper Puker man) because he still got carsick until he was two...finally he's over that.

Superman is very easy going for an alpha personality - almost a Clark Kent at home - he gets along with everyone and looked up to Riggs as his role model. He's working very hard to obtain the title of alpha now that Riggs is gone....behaving better than he ever has.  Unassuming and sweet and very much like his Grandpa Hoover and Uncle Riggs overall, he likes cuddles, chewing on his toys, and playing with the big dogs. He does have one fault - albeit minor.  He thumps.  He does what we call vertical know how someone pushes on a chest and does CPR - well, Superman does this to his crate door, windows, baby gates, toys - especially anything he is locked behind - which means because he's a full sized mal, there's not much that can hold him.  He does his super-thump and he's out (and you wondered why we kept his puppy name Superman?).  It took a locked crate door and 2 bungies to keep him inside (for awhile).  Dan had to rebuild the front of his crate in 1/2" plywood...he's working on it!  Instead he thumped the sides which also had to be reinforced.  He's become the consumate escape artist by brute force!  He has also decided to take his name literally.  He lead an escape of himself, Mocha and Simone one day and scared us to death.  While they went UNDER the fence, he went OVER it - living up to his nickname "Man Over Steel"....he now has to go out in the yard on leash or instantly heads for the fence and jumps it effortlessly!  Now that we're up north, we've dubbed our new home Yoopertraz because it's going to eventually contain fencing that can contain the man of steel.  Other than that, he doesn't get into TOO much trouble.  He used to be pretty stubborn about coming when called (unless he could race Mocha to the door) but he no longer has that option thanks to his escape artist tendencies!  Superman loves to jump and will jump up on a 6' pile of wood to gaze out - and worries me one day he might just decide to fly.   He likes to steal things off my desk and does the same things his other 10 siblings do -has an insatiable love of water and digging.  He's outgoing and happy and truly a "man to steal your heart"!

Superman's Gallery

Superman moves Nice Movement...

Prison #1...

Prison #2...

He's now on to Prison #12 in 3 year's crate can hold SUPERMAN

Superman Me and Sis

Just WHAT are they doing?


(seem familiar?)

Superman on the bed with Mom Jazzy and Sister Mocha

Superman's Pedigree


Music: Kryptonite