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Household Medications for Malamutes

Below is a list of human medications commonly found in the average household. These same products can be used in Malamutes and are especially useful if you can't reach a veterinarian immediately, but should NOT be used as a substitute for good veterinary care. Some products safe for dogs are toxic to cats. Below are some dosages and common uses for dogs only. You can save a bundle by having your vet write a prescription (if it's something that isn't needed immediately) for meds and buying online. Don't forget that Meijers and Walmart will fill prescriptions for antibiotics for free - and that includes Malamutes too!. Heartworm, Thyroid, and other meds are much cheaper when purchased online vs. buying at the veterinarian's office. If you need antibiotics, you can often use fish antibiotics - they are the same for humans, dogs and fish.


Canine Dosage

Feline Dosage

Common Use

Buffered Aspirin 5 mg. per pound every 12 hrs. Toxic - not recommended pain relief, anti-inflammatory Note: do not give for more than one week straight without advice of a veterinarian, can cause ulcer in susceptible dogs
Benadryl up to 2 mg. per pound every 8 hours same as canine treat allergies, itching, etc.
Dramamine up to 50 mg. every 8 hours up to 10 mg. every 8 hours used to reduce motion sickness
Hydrogen Peroxide 3% 10 ml by mouth every 15 minutes same as canine dosage used to induce vomiting after accidental ingestion of a poison
Kaopectate 1 ml per pound or kg every 2 hours same as canine dosage for diarrhea
Tylenol (Acetaminophen) Toxic - not recommended Toxic - not recommended Do not use
Mineral Oil up to 4 tablespoons daily up to 2 teaspoons daily used to eliminate constipation
Pepto Bismol 1 tsp. per 5 pounds every 6 hours Not Recommended used to relieve mild vomiting or stomach gas, diarrhea ---- However, if the dog is attempting to vomit and cannot, is crying or the stomach feels hard to the touch - you have only minutes to get him to a vet. This is gastric torsion and a serious life-threatening EMERGENCY!
Di Gel Liquid up to 4 tbs. every 8 hours up to 2 tbs. every 8 hours antacid and anti-gas
Immodium Liquid body weight every 0.1 mg per kg every 8-12 hours. for diarrhea
Cranberry Juice Concentrate 1/4 c. to bowl of water Encourage to drink often and as much as possible. For urinary tract infections - can be given with antibiotics - keeps bacteria from sticking to the walls of the bladder. Some dogs will not drink the juice, if so, capsules are available.