Recycling Dog Show Ribbons

Everyone that shows hopes to end up with this problem .... what to do with the countless ribbons won at dog shows?  Contrary to popular opnion you don't make money at dog shows - and the ribbons won represent a LOT of money (even if they are only a few cents apiece themselves) and hard work.  So you want to do something special with them. You can always put them in a display box or hang them on a wall (BORING!!!).   I personally keep mine in a box where no one can see them, waiting for the perfect idea to come along! One day I'll get motivated and do one of these really cool ideas I discovered on the net.  They are beautiful and creative and some are even just a bit quirky! 

You could take a curtain rod and make a valance from them.  valance but that's too easy....

A pillow....: puppup pup

Or a Ribbon Tote bag: pup Ribbon Flowers: pup

A bannerpup Quilts: pup pup

Use on your dog's scrap book page pup  pup toothpick flags

Lamp shade or wall hanging pup   name tags pup

If you have a lot of second placers (red)...a wreath? pup

4th placers?...pup

The horse people have some good ideas the US Equestrian Team Foundation Center in Gladstone, NJhorse

pup pup pup pup pup pup pup pup pup pup pup pup pup

(stolen from Pinterest...some great ideas!)


Giftwrap bows pup  or belt? pup or a dress? pup

Ok,  maybe I'm getting a bit out of control...but you get the idea..seems like such a waste to be stashed in a closet of hung on a wall to fade!  I would love to make the pillows and lamp shade to decorate the dog's rooms with ...perhaps some day I'll have a picture of them here!  If you're not feeling so crafty and have so many ribbons you don't know what to do might consider Ribbon Recycling....where they repurpose them.  Started by Sue Copeland who noticed ribbons tossed in the dirt at horse shows. She created RIBBON RECYCLING and now receives ribbon donations from around the country, and ships them to to therapeutic riding centers in need that put smiles on special kids faces!