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Muscular and Skeletal Structure of the Dog

One of the coolest things I ever did was take a class about movement and structure from Quentin LaHam, a well respected and long time dog judge.  While not everyone will agree with his philosophy, I learned a lot. One of the highlights of the seminar was that I got to bring Star.  He asked us to take the dogs around the ring one at a time and then would critique their movement.  He had some of the students in tears.  When it was our turn, I awaited my fate when he said sarcastically that he'd never seen a Malamute that could move well.  I knew we were toast!  I took Star around...and he said go faster...then faster ...then faster.  I could barely breathe.  Finally he let us stop. I asked why did he do that?  He said because a good moving dog will move well at any speed....and Star did.  Lesson over.  She was the only dog he didn't rip apart.  I was amazed but learned an important lesson that day.  A dog can't move well if it doesn't have good structure, and you'll never understand good structure until you understand good movement. 

Malamute structure of the dog

Internal organs of the dog.

Muscular structure of the dog.