Trivia Facts About Alaskan Malamutes...
and Sled Dogs

Poster from the  movie Tomb Raider - Anjelina with dogs from movie and huge white fur coat  bulletThe sled dogs in the movie Tomb Raider: All the dogs in the caves are Siberians. The stunt double for Anjelina was Eunice Euhart from Gladiators. She wore special studded boots for the 'barefoot' bit - and took a couple of nasty falls. Pinewood Studios originally wanted all white dogs (I think to tie in with the footage they already had) but then added a few different coloured ones for effect. The filming took weeks. They had to get the dogs used to running in the caves then adding the smoke and the firing as they got more used to it. There was a vet in attendance at all times who was very thorough and examined the dogs every day. They were running on white painted tarmac so I guess it could have been a bit tough on the old paws!!! (courtesy Julie Breame, UK)

bulletDid you know... these celebrities owned an Alaskan Malamute?

Judy Collins (singer)Robin Williams & Sam
Dom DeLuise (actor/comedian)
Herbert Hoover (U.S. President)
George Lucas (film director) - (see details below)
Robin Williams (comedian and actor)
Vida Blue (baseball pitcher)
Ian Dunbar (author and dog trainer)
Melissa Gilbert (actress)
Cheryl Ladd (actress)
Steve McQueen (actor)

bulletIn 1984 the United States Postal Service produced 4 AKC centennial stamps honoring the sport of pure-bred dogs. One of the stamps honored the Alaskan Malamute.

bulletThe Star Wars' character Chewbacca was inspired by Indiana, George Lucas' pet Alaskan Malamute. In Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, they show Indie's house as a boy and guess and what kind of dog he has? Yup, a mal! At the end of the movie they said that he got his name from the dog, so it must have been an hommage to George Lucas, who's a close friend of Steven Spielberg's! (Thank you Andrea Hobson for this neat Malamute trivia!)

bulletThe Alaskan Malamute is now the state dog of Alaska thanks to a group of school children. In 2007 an Alaskan kindergartner decided her state should have an official dog. Her fellow students at Polaris K-12 School in Anchorage liked the idea so much that they did research, made phone calls and testified before the state legislature. In 2010, Alaska became the 11th state to bestow an official title on man's best friend.

bulletThese are real stamps that have been issued honoring the Alaskan Malamute:

Somali Republic  malamute stampSan Marino Malamute stamp Tanzania malamute stampSierra Leons malamute stampGuiyana malamute stampGhana malamute stamp colorfulmalamute stamp for mordovaBuriatiaRussia malamute stampCaribean malamute stampkarakalpakia malamute stampmonaco malamute stampnicaragua malamute stampTouva. malamute stampTuvaRussia. malamute stamp

  • Most dogs bark, the Alaskan Malamute and the Siberian Husky are the only two breeds that howl instead (though they CAN bark if they learn from other dogs).
  • Dog mushing is the official state sport of Alaska. The Alaska Legislature adopted it in 1972.
  • Remember this old TV show (Yukon King was a Malamute): 

Sgt Preston Poster that says Challenge Yukon

bulletA neat poster was found by Mark Robinson depicting one of Eva B. Seeley's Chinook Kennel Malamutes named "Lag" advertising dog food. The inset appears to depict the dogs used by the military in WWII. The dogs in the inset photo may be the ones the government blew up rather than bring back after the third Byrd Antarctic Expedition. So Lag probably did his tour, helped promote dog food, and as a thank you was killed. Sad isn't it?

Lucky Dog his food is Gaines - old article featuring one of the original Admiral Byrd dogs Old clipping - caption says This Alaskan Malamute

Alaskan Malamutes featured in the Movies: Snow Buddies, Eight Below,  The Journey of Natty Gann, Iron Will, Call of the Wild, Nikki Wild Dog of the North, and TV Shows: Dr. Quinn Medicine Woman & Sargent Preston of the Yukon

Alaskan Malamute Firsts

First Champion Male....................Ch. Gripp of Yukon

Female....................Ch. Ooloo M'Loot

First Companion Dog Male.............Jackie, CD (unregistered) Ch. Husky Pak Blackhawk, CD (AKC Reg.)

Female....Ch. Husky-Pak Flaming Flirt, CDX

First Companion Dog Excellent Male.........Ch. Cliquot of Husky-Pak, CDX

Female....Ch. Husky-Pak Flaming Flirt, CDX

First Utility Dog Male.............Ch. Coldfoot Minto, UDT

Female...Ch. Tiagara's Nucah of Artica, UD

First Utility Dog Excellent Male..U-CDX Storm Kloud's Rrain Dance, UDX

Female..U-CDX Mountain Home's Goldsmoke UDX, AX,AXJ, Can CDX, NG, WTD,WWPD

First Canine Good Citizen Male..Ch. Onak's Totem of Tongass, CD, CGC, NA, TT, WPD, WPDX, WLD, WTD, WWPD

Female First Tracking Dog Male.............Ch. Coldfoot Oonanik, UDT

Female First Tracking Dog Excellent Male..Am/Can/Ber Ch. Tamorok's Yukon Sugruk Aklak, PRCD, Mex PC & TT, Int TT, Ber CDX, Am/Can UD, TX, WWPD/WTD, Can TDX (Canada)

First Obedience Champion First World Wide Rally Novice U-CD, WW-RN, WW-RA, National Jr/National/IABCA-INT CH
Wayeh's Last Snofall of SummerIce, CGC, TT, CD, WW-CD "Snowman"

First World Wide Rally Advanced U-CD, WW-RN, WW-RA, National Jr/National/IABCA-INT CH Wayeh's Last Snofall of SummerIce, CGC, TT, CD, WW-CD "Snowman"

First Association of Pet Dog Trainers Rally Obedience R1 & R2 U-CD Hiawatha's Timber Wolf, CGC, TT, R1CL, R2CL, NA, CD

First Group Placer Male.......Ch. Mulpus Brook's Master Otter

Female.......Ch. Bar-Far Marclar's Machook

First Group Winner Male...........Ch. Mulpus Brook's The Bear

Female.......Ch. Eldor's Pretty Miss Penny

First Red Group Winner Am/Mex Ch. Alcan Jack O' Diamonds

First Red Multiple Group Winner Ch. Tanunak's Dakota Chief

First Best in Show Winner Male................Ch. Sno-Crest's Mukluk

Female....Ch. Maltrail's Champagne Edition

First Red Best in Show Winner Ch. Snowlion's Soldier of Fortune (US) Am/Mex Ch. Alcan Jack O' Diamonds (Mexico)

First Multiple Best in Show Winner Male Female..Ch. Snoridge's Blue Ice Lady O War

First Red Champion Male............Ch. Bearpaw Elk of Tote-Um

Female..........Ch. Kodara's Scarlet Panda

First Red to Finish from Puppy Class Ch. Icey's Majestic Fire N Ice

First White Champion Male..........Ch. Oogorook M'Loot (Canada)

Female........Ch. Tillicum's Suitisi

First Blue Champion Male....Am/Can Ch. Chief Ceaser Bear of Narsuks (Can) Ch. Silver Shadow of Seldovia (US)

Female First National Specialty Winner Male.................Ch. Toro of Bas Coupe

Female.......Ch. Arctic Storm of Husky-Pak

First Red National Specialty AOM Ch. Tanunak's Dakota Chief

First High in Trial (Obedience) Ch. Beowulf Thaera, CD

First Agility Champion (UKC) Ch. Tarnish's Zahra

First Novice Agility First Open Agility First Agility Excellent First Master Agility Excellent First Novice Agility Jumper First Open Agility Jumper First Excellent Agility Jumper First Master Agility Jumper First Flyball Title Truenorth's Empress Kipmik, CDX, WPD, FDX, CGC, TT

First Flyball Masters Ch. Kipmik's Hot To Trot, FMX

First Flyball Masters Excellent Ch. Kipmik's Hot To Trot, FMX

First Working Pack Dog Ch. Shadak's Sastan Taka, WWPD, WPD

First Working Weight Pull Dog Ch. Shadak's Sastan Taka, WWPD, WPD

First Working Lead Dog Actondale's Kara, CDX, TD, WLD

First Working Team Dog Actondale's Fargo, AM CD, Td, Can, CD, WTD

First Working Pack Dog Excellent Male.........................Wakon's Kaleb

Female..Alyeska's Kenoshka SnowBelle (AKC Reg)

First Working Weight Pull Dog Excellent Male......Ch. White Water Bitteroot Shuyak

Female......................Sasha Serenade

First Working Lead Dog Excellent Male.....Mountain Home's Yukon, WLDX, WWPD

Female................Snowshoe, WLDX, WWPD

First Working Team Dog Excellent Aldar's Tongas, WTDX

Youngest Working Lead Dog Excellent Am/Israeli Ch. Storm Kloud's Hhere I Am, WLDX, WTDX, WWPD, CGC, TT

Youngest Working Team Dog Excellent Am/Israeli Ch. Storm Kloud's Hhere I Am, WLDX, WTDX, WWPD, CGC, TT

First VAM (Versatile Alaskan Malamute) Ch. Belle's Cool Holiday Special

First AAAM (All Around Alaskan Malamute) Ch. Chinome's Arctic Invader

First Best in Show Brace Int. Ch. Glacier's Storm Kloud, CD Ch. Timberlane's Storm Kloud

First Best in Show Team Int. Ch. Glacier's Storm Kloud, CD, ROM Ch. Timberlane's Storm Kloud Ch. Timberlane's Pamiiyok Russell's Yveti Rose, ROM

First Obedience Brace Ch. Husky-Pak Fanc Tail, CD Ch. Cliquot of Husky Pak, CDX

Youngest to Place in the Working Group Ch. Malesa's Silver Chalice (6 1/2 months) Ch.Tuglu's Grizzley Bear (Canada) 6 months and l day

Youngest to Win the Working Group Ch. Windswept's Rebel Windstar (7 Months) Am/Can Ch. Atanik's Snopaw I'm Awesome!, ROM (9 months)(Before the Working and Herding Group Split)

Youngest Champion MaleCh. Malesa's Silver Glacier (8 months)

FemaleCh. Alcan Applause (7 months, 7 days)

Youngest Best in Show Winner Male Kee-Too's Kougarok's Demos (US) 13 months, 1 day Byeyo's The Jackpot At Snoboe (Canada) 8 months TNT Quincy of Camps (FCI) 27 months, 1 day

FemaleCh. Sno Ridge's Oooooh Lala (15 months)

Youngest National Specialty Winner Ch. Spawn's Hot Shot of Roy-El

Youngest Companion Dog Am/Mex Ch. Maluk's Star Image, CDX, PCE

Youngest Companion Dog Excellent Am/Mex Ch. Maluk's Star Image, CDX, PCE

Youngest Utility Dog Youngest Tracking Dog Beowulf's Degan, CD, TD

Youngest Working Team Dog Ch. Tarnish's Artic Streak, CGC, WTD, WWPD, WWPDX (9 months)

Most Titled Alaskan Malamute BIS, multi BBIS, multi BIS-BBEV, multi BIS-BBE Am/Can/Intl(UCI)/World/Mex/Intl(FCI)CH Belle's Cool Holiday Special WPD, WTD, WWPD, CGC, TT, VAM, UCICB, CAC, CACH, CACH-B, CACH-S, CACH-G, WSCH WSCH-B, AC, WSCH-S, AC-CACH, WSCH-G, AC-CACH-B, AVA, WCSg-CH, AC-CACH-S, WLD*, CACIB, CACM, MTT, WCSg-CH-B, AC-CACH-G

Youngest Best Brace in Show Belle's KetchiKant Stop Me Belle's Special Temptation (Int. Shows 4 mos, 1 day)

Top Winning Alaskan Malamute in History (US) Male.Ch. Nanuke's Take No Prisoners (75 BIS)

Female...Ch. Williwaw's Icicle Works (8 BIS)

Top Winning Red Alaskan Malamute (US) Male.............Ch. Snowlion's Soldier of Fortune

Female..Ch. Alcan's Seismic Activity of Joshua

Winner of the Most Working Dog Classes (National Specialties) Am/Can. Ch. Poker Flat's Slapjack Salute, WPD, WTD, WLD, WWPD, CGC (3)

Top Alaskan Malamute Sire Ch. Glacier's Storm Kloud, ROM (65)

Top Alaskan Malamute Dam Ch. Vuelta Toros Best Wild Wind, ROM (19)