Nicknames: Cheese

AKC Name: O'Mal's Moving Experience

Cheesecake belongs to my daughter Colleen and  husband Deane, but she's still a part of our extended pack.  When we went to Marquette Colleen babysat Mom Jazzy and Uncle Riggs and Cheese had a blast ranking mom and hanging out with her extended family.  She loves going for walks - a "Cake Walk" (get it) and gets lots of attention as an only dog with an extended family of 1 cat, 1 snake, and several hermit crabs.  Colleen and Deane plan to show Cheesecake when she gets older and she's a beautiful girl and should do well.  She's outgoing and friendly, loves her toys and chewys and like the other 11 is part fish (in other words, she loves water in any form). 


Cheese's Online Photo Gallery

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