"Perhaps they are not the stars, but rather openings in heaven where the love of our lost ones pours through to let us know they are happy"

Eskimo Legend

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Tribute to Shuffle

God why give us a puppy frail and small
to take her back so soon
Too young to experience much of life
as she was carried room to room

Tucked and toted everywhere
but now the ribbon's black
My heart is broken, tears they fall
because you won't be back

A pup adept at cuddling
Your eyes were wise and strong
We thought you'd live forever
Sadly we were wrong

I gave my heart to Shuffle
who needed warmth and love
A heart so big and gentle,
God requested you above

You brought us joy and tears and love
To heaven you must go
A special job awaits there
that only you can know

So Shuffle you have earned your wings
there is kindness in your soul
though You'll never get to play in grass
or hunt a furry mole

But a child in heaven cries there
alone and needing YOU,
a special puppy frail and small,
because she died young too

--Cindy OMalley

red rose

The Rainbow Bridge

There is a bridge onnecting heaven and earth.
It is called the Rainbow bridge
because of its many colors.
Just this side of the Rainbow Bridge there is a land
of meadows, hills, and valleys
with lush green grass.
Whenever a beloved pet dies,
that pet goes to the Rainbow Bridge.
There is always food and
water and warm spring weather
so all our special friends
can run and play together.
All the animals who had
become ill and old are
restored to health and vigor;
those who are hurt or maimed
are made whole and strong again,
just as we remember them
and times gone by.
There is only one thing missing.
They are not with their
special person who loved
them on earth and who
had to be left behind.
They all run and play together,
but the day comes when one
suddenly stops playing
and looks up.
The nose twitches,
the ears come up,
the bright eyes are intent,
the body quivers.
Then this one suddenly
runs from the group, flying
over the green grass,
his legs carrying him
faster and faster.
You have been spotted,
and when you and your
special friend finally meet,
you cling together in joyous
reunion, never to be parted again.
The happy kisses rain
upon your face; your hands
caress the beloved head,
and you look once more
into the trusting eyes of your pet,
so long gone from your life
but never absent from your heart.
Then you cross the Rainbow
Bridge together.
never again to be separated.

Author unknown

red rose


Grieve not, nor speak of me with tears, but laugh and talk of me
as if I were beside you.
I love you so...
twas heaven here with you.

Author Unknown

red rose

I'll lend you,
for a little while,
a friend of mine," He said.
"For you to love while he lives,
and mourn when he is dead.
It may be six or seven years,
or maybe twenty-three,
But will you, till I call him back,
take care of him for me?
He'll bring his charms to gladden you,
and shall his stay be brief,
You'll have his lovely memories
as solace for your grief.
I cannot promise he will stay,
as all from earth return,
But there are lessons taught down there
I want this PET to learn.
I've looked the whole world over
in my search for teachers true,
And from the throngs that crowd life's lanes,
I have selected you.
Now will you give him all your love
- not think this labor vain,
Nor hate me when I come to call,
to take him back again.
I fancied that I heard them say,
'Dear Lord, thy will be done.'
For all the joy this PET shall bring,
the risk of grief we'll run.
We'll shower him with tenderness
and love while we may,
And for the happiness we've known,
forever grateful stay.
And should the angels call for him
much sooner than we planned,
We'll brave the bitter grief that comes,
and try to understand."
Author unknown
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The one absolutely unselfish friend that man can have in this selfish world, the one that never deserts him, the one that never proves ungrateful or treacherous, is his dog. A man's dog stands by him in prosperity and in poverty, in health and in sickness. He will sleep on the cold ground, where the wintry winds blow and snow drives fiercely, if only he may be near his master's side. He will kiss that hand that has no food to offer: he will lick the wounds and sores that come in encounter with the roughness of the world. He Guards the sleep of his pauper master as if he were a prince. when all other friends desert...he remains. When riches take wings and reputation falls to pieces, he is as constant in his love as the sun in its journey through the heavens.    --Senator George Vest

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The Creation

When God had made the earth and Sky the flowers and the trees,
He then made all the animals
The fish, the birds and bees.

And when at last he'd finished
Not one was quite the same. He Said, "I'll walk this world of mine
And give each one a name."

And so He traveled far and wide
And everywhere He went, a little Creature followed Him
Until it's strength was spent.

When all were named upon the Earth and in the sky and sea,
The little creature said, "Dear Lord,
There's not one left for me."

Kindly the Father said to him,
"I've left you to the end.
I've turned my own name back to Front and called you dog, My friend."

Author Unknown

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Dogs come into our lives to teach us about love and loyalty. They depart to teach us about loss. We try to replace them but never quite succeed. A new dog never replaces an old dog; it merely expands the heart. If you have loved many dogs, your heart is very big. ~ Erica Jong

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When you bring a pet into your life, you begin a journey - a journey that will bring you more love and devotion than you have ever known, yet also test your strength and courage.

If you allow, the journey will teach you many things, about life, about yourself, and most of all, about love. You will come away changed forever, for one soul cannot touch another without leaving its mark.

Along the way, you will learn much about savoring life's simple pleasures - jumping in leaves, snoozing in the sun, the joys of puddles, and even the satisfaction of a good scratch behind the ears. If you spend much time outside, you will be taught how to truly experience every element, for no rock, leaf, or log will go unexamined, no rustling bush will be overlooked, and even the very air will be inhaled, pondered, and noted as being full of valuable information. Your pace may be slower - except when heading home to the food dish - but you will become a better naturalist, having been taught by an expert in the field.

Too many times we hike on automatic pilot, our goal being to complete the trail rather than enjoy the journey. We miss the details - the colorful mushrooms on the rotting log, the honeycomb in the old maple snag, the hawk feather caught on a twig. Once we walk as a dog does, we discover a whole new world. We stop; we browse the landscape, we kick over leaves, peek in tree holes, look up, down, all around. And we learn what any dog knows: that nature has created a marvelously complex world that is full of surprises, that each cycle of the seasons brings ever-changing wonders, each day an essence all its own.

Even from indoors you will find yourself more attuned to the world around you. You will find yourself watching summer insects collecting on a screen.  (How bizarre they are! How many kinds there are!), or noting the flick and flash of fireflies through the dark.  You will stop to observe the swirling dance of windblown leaves, or sniff the air after a rain.   It does not matter that there is no objective in this; the point is in the doing, in not letting life's most important details slip by.   You will find yourself doing silly things that your pet-less friends might not understand: spending thirty minutes in the grocery aisle looking for the cat food brand your feline must have, buying dog birthday treats, or driving around the block an extra time because your pet enjoys the ride.

You will roll in the snow, wrestle with chewie toys, bounce little rubber balls till your eyes cross, and even run around the house trailing your bathrobe tie - with a cat in hot pursuit - all in the name of  love.  Your house will become muddier and hairier.   You will wear less dark clothing and buy more lint rollers.  You may find dog biscuits in your pocket or purse, and feel the need to explain that an old plastic shopping bag adorns your living room rug because your cat loves the crinkly sound.

You will learn the true measure of love - the steadfast, undying kind that says, "It doesn't matter where we are or what we do, or how life treats us as long as we are together."   Respect this always.   It is the most precious gift any living soul can give another.   You will not find it often among the human race.  And you will learn humility.   The look in my dog's eyes often made me feel ashamed.   Such joy and love at my presence.

She saw not some flawed human who could be cross and stubborn, moody or rude, but only her wonderful companion.   Or maybe she saw those things and dismissed them as mere human foibles, not worth considering, and so chose to love me anyway.

If you pay attention and learn well, when the journey is done, you will be not just a better person, but the person your pet always knew you to be - the one they were proud to call beloved friend.

I must caution you that this journey is not without pain.   Like all paths of true love, the pain is part of loving.   For as surely as the sun sets, one day your dear animal companion will follow a trail you cannot yet go down.   And you will have to find the strength and love to let them go.   A pet's time on earth is far too short - especially for those that love them.   We borrow them, really, just for awhile, and during these brief years they are generous enough to give us all their love, every inch of their spirit and heart, until one day there is nothing left.   The cat that only yesterday was a kitten is all too soon old and frail and sleeping in the sun.   The young pup of boundless energy wakes up stiff and lame, the muzzle now gray.   Deep down we somehow always knew that this journey would end.   We knew that if we gave our hearts they would be broken.   But give them we must for it is all they ask in return.   When the time comes, and the road curves ahead to a place we cannot see, we give one final gift and let them run on ahead - young and whole once more.    "Godspeed, good friend," we say, until our journey comes full circle and our paths cross again.

The Journey, By Crystal Ward Kent
Copyright 1998, All Rights Reserved

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The Last Will and Testament of an Extremely Loved Dog

I, Silverdene Emblem O'Neill (familiarly known to my family, friends & acquaintances as Blemie), because the burden of my years and infirmities is heavy upon me, and I realize the end of my life is near, do hereby bury my last will and testament in the mind of my Master. He will not know it is there until after I am dead. Then, remembering me in his loneliness, he will suddenly know of this testament, and I ask him to inscribe it as a memorial to me. I have little in the way of material things to leave. Dogs are wiser than men. They do not set great store upon things. They do not waste their days hoarding property. They do not ruin their sleep worrying about how to keep the objects they have, and to obtain objects they have not. There is nothing of value I have to bequeath except my love and my loyalty. These I leave to all those who have loved me, especially to my Master and Mistress, who I know will mourn me the most. I ask my Master and my Mistress to remember me always, but not to grieve for me too long. In my life, I have tried to be a comfort to them in time of sorrow, and a reason for added joy in their happiness. It is painful for me to think that even in death I should cause them pain. Let them remember that while no dog has ever had a happier life (and this I owe to their love and care for me), now that I have grown blind and deaf and lame, and even my sense of smell fails me so that a rabbit could be right under my nose and I might not know, my pride has sunk to a sick, bewildered humiliation. I feel life is taunting me with having over lingeredmy welcome. It is time I said good-bye, before I become too sick a burden on myself and on those who love me. It will be a sorrow to leave them, but not a sorrow to die. Dogs do not fear death as men do. We accept it as part of life, not as something alien and terrible which destroys life. What may come after death, who knows? I would like to believe that there is a Paradise. Where one is always young and full-bladdered. Where all the day one dillies and dallies. Where each blissful hour is mealtime. Where in the long evenings there are a million fireplaces with logs forever burning, and one curls oneself up and blinks into the flames and nods and dreams, remembering the old brave days on earth and the love of one's Master and Mistress. I am afraid that this is too much, for even such a dog as I am, to expect. But peace, at least, is certain. Peace and a long rest for my weary old heart and head and limbs, and eternal sleep in the earth I have loved so well. Perhaps, after all, this is best. One last request, I earnestly make. I have heard my Mistress say, "When Blemie dies we must never have another dog. I love him so much I could never love another one". Now I would ask her, for love of me, to have another. It would be a poor tribute to my memory never to have a dog again. What I would like to feel is that, having once had me in the family, she cannot live without a dog! I have never had a narrow, jealous spirit. I have always held that most dogs are good. My successor can hardly be as well loved or as well mannered or as distinguished and handsome as I was in my prime. My Master and Mistress must not ask the impossible. But he will do his best, I am sure, and even his inevitable defects will help by comparison to keep my memory green. To him I bequeath my collar and leash and my overcoat and raincoat He can never wear them with the distinction I did, all eyes fixed on me in admiration; but again I am sure he will do his utmost not to appear a mere gauche provincial dog. I hereby wish him the happiness I know will be his in my old home. One last word of farewell, dear Master and Mistress. Whenever you visit my grave, say to your selves with regret but also with happiness in your hearts at the remembrance of my long, happy life with you: "Here lies one who loved us and whom we loved". No matter how deep my sleep I shall hear you and not all the power of death can keep my spirit from wagging a grateful tail. I will always love you as only a dog can." ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~by Eugene O'Neill

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A Malamute Dog

You can`t tell me God would have heaven

So a man couldn`t mix with his friends -

That we are doomed to meet disappointment

When we come to the place the trail ends.

That would be a low-grade sort of Heaven

And I`d never regret a damned sin

If I rush up to the gates white and pearly

And they don`t let my Malamute in.

For I know it would never be homelike

No matter how golden the strand,

If I lose out that pal-loving feeling

Of a Malamute`s nose on my hand.

-Pat O' Cotter

red rose

Last Night
I stood by your bed last night, I came to have a peep.
I could see that you were crying, You found it hard to sleep.
I whined to you softly as you brushed away a tear,
"It's me, I haven't left you, I'm well, I'm fine, I'm here."

I was close to you at breakfast, I watched you pour the tea,
You were thinking of the many times, your hands reached down to me.

I was with you at the shops today, Your arms were getting sore.
I longed to take your parcels, I wish I could do more.

I was with you at my grave today, You tend it with such care.
I want to re-assure you, that I'm not lying there.

I walked with you towards the house, as you fumbled for your key.
I gently put my paw on you, I smiled and said " it's me."

You looked so very tired, and sank into a chair.
I tried so hard to let you know, that I was standing there.

It's possible for me, to be so near you everyday.
To say to you with certainty, "I never went away."

You sat there very quietly, then smiled, I think you knew...
In the stillness of that evening, I was very close to you.

The day is over... I smile and watch you yawning
and say "good-night, God bless, I'll see you in the morning."

And when the time is right for you to cross the brief divide,
I'll rush across to greet you and we'll stand, side by side.

I have so many things to show you, there is so much for you to see.
Be patient, live your journey out...then come home to be with me.


He started in life by making friends.
His up bringing and tutoring was of the
Highest quality.
His resolve had no end.

He was very vocal if you ignored him.
He always knew who was calling, because
He memorized the different phone rings.
His favorite was “You’re my soul and inspiration”
Because he knew, Laura would be home soon.

He lived life to the fullest
And made sure you followed suite.
He welcomed new members to the family
And loved them like they were his own.

He was the protector of the family and
All animals great and small.
His favorite were kitties and Black Labs,
Though Natasha was his favorite of all.

He was Majestic and Dignified.
He turned more heads then all the animals
In the world.

He made you laugh and made you cry,
So I asked God, why?

He was a Frog Dog, Love Bunny
And a Cracker.
He was a Bubba, Butthead and
Mainly my best friend.

For those of you that knew him,
We mainly called him “Jack”.

Rest in Peace my Angel and I
Will see you when I see you.


My Harley

I miss my old Harley
He liked any beer
And he was my horse


He was masked
As if he was a coon
Protecting our yard


He was my friend
My helper
My savior

I miss my old Harley
My friend
My drunk dog

-Bailey Harper


Author Unknown

In loving memory of

Cheesecake aka 'Cheese'

O'Mal's Moving Experience

4-19-2008 - 6-24-2017

Our daughter Colleen and her husband Deane lost their wonderful Cheesecake after 9 years. She was Deane's heart dog and Mocha's almost twin from the Alien 11 litter. Rear paralysis came on her suddenly after April and it went progressively downhill. After lots of expensive tests at MSU they came away not knowing much more than when they started. She eventually had to have her bladder expressed which eventually caused a massive kidney infection and shut down. They did the right thing and ended her suffering and pain even though it caused them horrible heartbreak. Last time I visited, Cheese wanted to stay in my room and visit all night - maybe she knew it would be the last time. My heart is as broken as theirs...Cheese was like my own and she was so loved. She would always have a blast playing with Mocha and Jazzy when they visited, and got along with everyone. If there were some way I could tell them, they'd be devastated because they always looked forward to visiting Cheese and if they didn't get to go, we'd be sniffed thoroughly for messages from their extended pack member. She lived a wonderful life with Colleen & Deane - Colleen took her on long walks and she had a minion of her own - Lily the lab mix. Deane would wrestle and cuddle with her for hours, he wanted her so badly when we had the litter, it was love at first sight. Lily will be lost without her, but we all will. Cheese was such a sweetheart, so friendly, so happy and she would always be all over us when we'd visit. I'm going to miss her terribly. But my heart also breaks for Colleen and Deane whose world is their two "kids" Cheese and Lily. Life is not fair, and 9 years isn't long enough and you are never ready to let them go. Our only comfort is she will have many friends and relatives in heaven to keep her company, she'll never be alone. We will never forget you!


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In Loving Memory of:



O'Mal's Tiny Dancer

9-8-2004 - 11-25-2016

Pod we loved you so much. You were brave, patient, strong and like most mals, wouldn't take any shit from anyone, even your sister. In your last days you showed tremendous courage fighting an aggressive tumor and never had one accident in the house - you always made the effort to go out no matter how you felt. It seems like it was just yesterday you were a scared little puppy, trying to figure out the world. Because you were the pack outsider, you never quite fit in, until you had Max. He loves you so much. He made that weird little oot oot oot sound when you would go outside together - I think it meant "I love you mommy". He adored you. You gave us little Shuffle who taught us so much about how it's not how long your life is, it's how you live it. She had your quiet strength of purpose. You were a good girl, you never got in trouble (except when you'd steal chocolate). I wish there'd been time for more walks, more play, and cuddles on the bed, but there never is enough time.  But you had your pack friendships too and your special guy Superman, and your routine and those were what defined your existence. We'll never forget you and will meet again one day at the Rainbow Bridge. In the meantime you'll join the rest of the O'Mal pack that went before and meet up with little Shuffle in Heaven, because every Queen needs a minion. Run free big girl. We'll never forget you or your soft thoughtful woo.

Pod's Page

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In Loving Memory of:



1-7-2003 - 10-27-2014

My Princess Moya, the days were sad & lonely since your golden heart stopped beating a year ago.  Life is empty without you here.  The only thing that gets me by day to day without you is knowing we definitely will see and be with you again when we pass over the Rainbow Bridge.  We love you very much....Love, Mom & Dad

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In Loving Memory of:

Tiny Little Hooters


You were only with us a such short time and went to the rainbow bridge shortly after arriving home....but we'll never forget you.   A puppy with a heart so big and so loving it wouldn't stop beating when it should have nor did fit in her chest.  Imagine had you lived....

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In Loving Memory of:

Mr. Riggs

"Mr. Riggs"

O'Ma'ls Lethal Weapon (his lethal weapon was love)

1-7-2003 - 8-1-2012

Riggs was our 'Big Guy'.  Even though mom & dad were standard sized, he grew up to be a teddy bear of 120 lbs.  As a puppy he would sit next to Grandpa Homer and listen intently as if Homer were telling him stories about how to be respectful to the old guys, and he always was.  Later, as an adult, he looked after Hoover and Shadow when they became more and more imobile, sleeping near them and keeping them company. He had a knack for knowing when a dog was sick  - perhaps because he loved to watch TV medical shows.  He had the respect of the entire pack - even young males never challenged his authority. He adored puppies - letting them crawl all over him, teaching them with gentleness as he was taught.  His soft gentle woo would summon everyone to dinner and wake us up in the morning.  At night he'd sleep by the door protecting us all. He loved to go for walks with us in the woods off leash in his old age, let us burrow and hug his thick soft fur even though it was undignified, and made sure he kept his status in many small ways with the other dogs, even as his health declined.  He loved when company came over and stole the heart of everyone that met him. Laying him to rest was one of the hardest things we've ever done. The house is silent now of gentle woos and quiet strength as he has gone to his peace. We'll miss the stubborn crankiness and gentle concern...it won't be the same without you. We didn't take care of you Mr. Riggs, you took care of us.

Rigg's Page

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In Loving Memory of:



Iceberg O'Mal's Queen of Storms

10-26-2002 - 10-5-2011

Has there ever been a malamute friendlier than Gracie?  Gentle and sweet, she wowed everyone with her huge size and big heart.  She never met anyone she didn't love.  She bounced on all fours with happiness much of the time. She loved to give full body hugs and purr at you - which was a bit intimidating because she was so big, but there was never any doubt she only wanted to please and be loved.  She followed all the rules, never made waves, and tolerated the other dogs sassy attitudes toward her with grace and tolerace (most of the time).  She was 100% a Daddy's girl and lived for Dan who spoiled her with special treats and attention. A sensitive soul, she took care of Chevy and was surrogate mother to Pod.  Sadly, we lost her much too young to a very unexpected and strange case of bloat. She'll never be forgotten, run free Gracie Girl.

Gracie's Page

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In Loving Memory of:



O'Mal's  Hunter's Koani Kayla

12-10-1998 - 8-6-2011

Pronounced – “Ko-wah-nee” which is Blackfoot Indian and means “To Play”
and Kayla, which means “Strong of Heart”
Nicknames – “Little One”, “Little Miss” and “Stink”

And how very appropriate your names turned out to be.  How you loved “to play” with your Golden Retriever “brother”, Hunter, and how your heart was so strong – right to the very end.  You, my “Little One”, were the puppy love of my life. 

The very first time we laid eyes on you, you were only ten days old – and we did not even know which of the four beautiful little girls would be ours – or even if we would be approved for any of them.  And little did we know that it was not only Cindy & Dan that had to approve us, but Grandma Penny.  We were so thrilled when we learned that Penny had approved and we would be making another trip from Florida to Michigan to bring you home with us.  I thought I would be holding you in my lap on the long trip home to Florida, but oh no, YOU wanted to be in the back with your new golden brother – because you had to start off early to teach him just who was the boss – and he learned quickly how this little girl was going to run the show.  He let you get away with just about everything you wanted to - and how the two of you were inseparable. 

Grandma Penny taught you well in the nine weeks she had with you – Hunting skills that provided you with the stealth speed to snatch a possum off the fence and snap its neck when you saw it heading toward Hunter; grab a Blue Jay out of mid-air in the back yard that was dive bombing at your head while you were trying to find a spot to potty; the multitude of what we call “lizards” (chameleons to you northerners) that you captured and brought in the house so proudly to “share with me”; and of course the distaste for black dogs – what was that all about?  And we cannot forget how well your Mom, Star, taught you how to do the “pre-wash” cycle for the dishwasher.  Ah yes, when we remodeled the kitchen, we had a special pass through built in just for you to have access to it. 

Some of your favorite things were going for a ride in the car and God forbid should we accidently place something in “your spot” – as you would just stand there and stare at it until we moved it.  Spoiled? No, not too much…  You LOVED going to the beach – I can still see you swimming, swimming, swimming and refusing to come out until we made you get out to shake off because you were so weighted down with water that your butt was sinking – and then right back in.  You loved the comfort and security of your crate – but no door on it please – I wish to rest my head on the edge with my nose hanging out just so we know who is in control here.  And how you loved “showing” in the obedience ring.  As you sat at my side waiting for the judge to say “begin”, you would puff out your chest and woo woo woo to make certain you had the attention of everyone in the place before we could start.  Some judges laughed and thought it was cute and some thought it was not and struck off a ½ point – but we didn’t care about the points because you were happy.  And you still received your ribbons and titles.  Then when Dad was in hospice, you loved going to visit as you strutted through the halls and got all kinds of praise and petting on the way to his room.  You brought a smile to so many faces there. 

Then, it was time for you to be a “hospice patient” and for us to provide that extra care and assistance for you over that last summer.  Although you were telling us for several months that you were getting weaker and weaker and it would soon be time for you to leave us, we still were not ready.  Our vet told us to think of her 3 favorite things to do and when 2 of them were gone, her quality of life was no longer what she would want.  When she could no longer make it to the beach, then her daily walks became shorter and shorter until one of her buddies that lived 3 doors down from us had to come visit her instead of her visiting him for a cookie, we knew it was getting close.  And finally, she could no longer manage to get in the car for a ride – even with the special ramp we bought for her.  Our dear, sweet, loving Koani girl, we had done all we could for you, our hearts were aching and we loved you so much we could not bear the thought of losing you, but it was that same strong love that made us realize we could not ask you to suffer any longer.  It was then that I knew your heart was the only organ that remained strong and you would stay here for me – and how selfish I was being to make you endure all that you had been enduring just for me.  Our vet came to our home and Koani left us very peacefully laying in her favorite spot, surrounded by her favorite people and her little brother, Shadow – our next O’Mal malamute to keep us on our toes. 

How ironic it was that from a litter of 4 girls and one boy, all four of the girls passed away within a period of 3 months of each other. I am quite certain that ALL of the previous O’Mals were there waiting to greet them and that they are all romping together free of pain and illness.  Woooooo Woooooo to you all and thank you for the joy you brought into our lives.  

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In Loving Memory of 12 1/2 yr old:



O'Mal's Twinkling Star

12-10-1998 - 8-2-2011

Caren & Shelby became inseperable, and Caren always told me she was "the best malamute ever".  She loved to chase tennis balls and play in the snow.  She was a sweet soulmate through rough times and fun times.  She even accepted Dawson into her pack and taught him how to be a proper malamute. You will be missed...and I'm sure Caren will write something once she gets through the tears.

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In Loving Memory of:

pup at 12 1/2

"Holly" aka Wolly

O'Mal's Danger Zone

12-10-1998 - 5-25-2011 (5:37pm)

I fell in love with you the day you were born and insisted this was the puppy I had to keep. You were a fantastic Mom to your puppies and even helped raise your grandpuppies. You became our most prolific bunny hunter, sometimes one a day! Independent, stubborn, very smart and sometimes difficult - you were a true old-style malamute. You loved a good brawl - just for fun. You distained any dog you felt didn't give proper respect (including your son Riggs) and were an alpha female through and through, matriarch to the O'Mal pack.  You were Queen of the kitchen and our very efficient "potscrubber" - nobody else does half as good a job. You blossomed into a beautiful girl in middle age. As "Grandma", you managed to teach your beloved grandson Max the fine art of bunny annihilation. He adored his Grandma and had great respect for you. Those piercing eyes laid waste to anyone you considered unworthy. You will always be in our hearts my dear Wolly, forever with us, and will go with us up north where you did your last inspection of the property and gave it your approval for generations to come. Run free sweet Holly, the bunnies at the rainbow bridge better beware! We are going to miss you so very very much....

Holly's Page

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12-10-1998 - 4-26-2011

O'Mal's U Melt My Heart

And she did...Meekow went to the rainbow bridge peacefully in her sleep.  She was loved by one wonderful family and will be missed greatly.  She became very close to her two boys and was a beloved family pet for 12 1/2 years.

Meeko, Meeko, after a rocky start you became the LOVE of my life!   Noel was the puppy I wanted least from Cindy and Dan's litter, she was the " trouble maker " But guess who WE got. We picked you up from Michigan on Valentine's day and stopped 2X on our way to Chicago to let you out.. you were just MAD we awakened you!  When we arrived home you were not impressed, with the yard or the house. You would NOT go potty for 2 days despite going outside with you every hour, but, you did find a rug in the living room you thought would work out well!!  After that you were a VERY good girl. You never wanted to be picked up or carried and those puppy teeth let us know !! You grew quickly to become our beautiful little girl, we constantly received  comments on how pretty you were, and what a gorgeous coat you had.  

You and I cried a lot of tears together... when our boy's went off to college... when my mom got ill....when my mom passed away. Meeko you were always there for me listening and I know understanding, and even  commenting sometimes !   You loved your cookies and chewies and  having your "babies" around you when you slept. Meeko you were a truely amazing girl, and we are blessed to have all the memories of  our sweet girl.   We will miss you alway's.   Run free Baby !

                                                                         Love, Mommy, Daddy, Stuart, Andrew

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In Loving Memory of:



O'Mal's Jack Frost

9-8-2004 - 10-8-2010

Such a sweet gentle boy, taken at a young age.  You were loved more in your 6 years than most dogs are loved in a lifetime.  Sometimes it doesn't seem fair what life throws at us, but everything has it's time.  I don't know why your time was so short, but I know Mark and Laura loved you very very much and did everything possible to find answers to difficult questions. I don't think any dog ever had as many toys or bones or love, and in spite of everything you still looked out for your cats, helped raise Natasha and filled Frosty's shoes as Mark's "Bubba" (best friend).  Some live their lives fast and full, that was you.  Sleep well beautiful boy, until we meet again at the rainbow bridge...

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8-12-2010 - 9-17-2010 - just 5 weeks old

Shuffle, you touched our hearts and those of everyone we know.  We all cheered with your struggles to survive being born 1/3 the size of your siblings, and cried with your accidental death so young. We'll never know your purpose upon this earth, but I think it was to teach us compassion for the weak and small, and to never give up.  My heart breaks and I will always love you and remember you as the puppy that lived a lifetime in 5 weeks...you went to restaurants, for car rides, to dog class, played outside, were loved by your doggy cousins and aunts, and brought strangers together on Facebook to cheer you on.  You are special and always will be.  You are beautiful like the flowering tree you are buried beneath and will never, ever be forgotten. 

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In Loving Memory of:


O'Mal's Capt. Nemo of the North

9-8-04 - 11-4-09

I'm crying because it didn't have to be like this...I am so sad for you Nemo - I'm sorry.  Now you can go home.   Hoover will take care of you, his son, at the Rainbow Bridge.  I will miss you and your "Penny head wiggle" always...my heart is breaking for you.  A few medical bills should never be the reason a dog is put down - EVER.  You were only 5...and a big puppy at heart.

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In Loving Memory of:


O'Mal's Juno Northr'n Snowstorm

(April 28, 1995 - January 1, 2009)

It is with a very heavy heart that I wanted to let you and Dan know that we had to have Stormy laid to rest this morning (January 1, 2009) at 8:00am. Robin and I are completely devastated about losing her and can not find the right words right now to adequately express what her loss means right now. She has been fighting a losing battle with age for some time. Towards the end, she was sleeping all day and was losing her sight and hearing. I came home from work today at 6:00am and found her in the dining area, unable to stand and crying. We immediately took her to a 24-hour vet in Brighton, where we made the decision to end her suffering and let her young spirit free from her aging body. We have been talking all day about all of the great times we spent with her in her almost 14 years. She was never much of a hunter, chasing squirrels but never seeming to get the angle quite right! In fact, her greatest catch was a turtle! We treasured every day that we spent with her and will miss her tremendously. Kevin, Robin and Thunder

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In Loving Memory of:


Iceberg O'Mal's Like a Rock

2-14-2004 - 8-5-2008

Our time with you was so short and filled with problems, but they never got you down.  You were supposed to be Dan's winner in the show ring, instead you became a beloved pet.  Your boyant spirit and infectionous happiness was always there - even when you had no reason to be happy.   Chevy, you were like an innocent child dealt a very unfair blow.  Epilepsy, cataracts, ear infections, did damage to your body but never hurt your spirit ...You never  growled at a person or dog, ever, and loved everyone turning the other cheek when someone growled at you. You were alway sweet and enthuastic no matter what life dealt you.  Your reason for being was to teach us to accept our limitations as happily and gracefully as you did, and when they became too large a burden, leave with dignity.  You were a very special dog and it was the hardest thing in the world to send you to the rainbow bridge because you WERE so happy with nothing. A drink of water, to run around the yard behind Pod, those were the joys of your life. I know you will be missed by all the other dogs, as they all stopped by your pen to say hi whenever they had the chance.  Riggs seemed to be especially upset with your passing. But you will be especially missed by Pod who was your eyes, your alert dog when you had a seizure, and your very best friend.  Now it's your turn to watch out for her from above...like she looked after you.  Rest in peace, dear Chevy.

Chevy's Page

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In Loving Memory of :

Tribute to Elsie


Elsie was a very special German Shepherd. Her life was much too short because of a tragic  accident.  In her short life she affected many lives - especially 3 young children who loved her dearly.  She taught others the real meaning of love, and that love doesn't always come in the expected package. She will be greatly missed.

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In Loving Memory of:



O'Mal's Starcrossed Voyager

4-21-96 - 1-31-2008

I'll miss the soft woo and hoovie hugs...

We miss your courage, your soft "hooving" woo, your gentle smile, your full-body Hoovie hugs.  You never made waves and  wanted everyone happy.  Your patience and steadiness were boundless. You never did anything even remotely wrong - you knew all the rules and followed them ... always - except for that time you stole some food from the cupboard and kept the boxes in your crate - without a dent.  You were patient with puppies, loving with people, got along with intact males, and made the most of any situation you were given - including being a paraplegic for almost a year and never, ever complained.  You had a special dignity, sort of like the invincible Hoover Dam, so I'd hoped you would always be here.  Hoovie, you were my joy, my best friend and I could always depend on you.  I loved when you went trick-or-treating or to parades with the kids - we could take you anywhere - even on vacation up north, though by then you couldn't walk.  I'll never forget they way you happily draged me down the sand dunes with just 2 legs or would be trying to get up every time the van stopped to see what was next.  You loved life and saw it through to the end. Now you really are a star crossed voyager - when I look up into the night sky I'll always think of you...You gave us many beautiful pups and much love in your 12 years... but I'm going to miss your Hoover hugs most of all.   Goodbye my beautiful boy - we love you.

Hoover's Page

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In Loving Memory of :

"Shadow" aka "The Butthead"

O'Mal's Moonshadow

5-2-94 - 5-31-07

How do you eulogize a dog so intense, so complex, so beautiful in a few words?  The most intelligent dog I've ever known, smarter than most people, Shadow was manipulative, intense, persistent, and knew exactly how to get what he wanted.  He outsmarted three homes and finally returned to us forever - his ultimate goal, no doubt.  We were told by many, "put him down" because some early experiences caused aggression problems - we didn't listen and he learned to trust again - though it took many years, lots of work and compassion. He needed constant supervision, was in your face, demanding your attention and always needed to be doing something.  He took an incredible amount of time - but gave so much in return.  He was special from the moment he was born - he could have excelled at so many things - showdog, obedience, search and rescue - ANYTHING...but fate dictated that he was meant to spend his life being the most awesome pet anyone could ever dream of owning.  He was demanding, pushy, opportunistic - and cuddly and loving.  He was loud, determined, persistent - and silly with an incredible sense of humor. He taught me EVERYTING I know about dogs, about Malamutes, about mistakes people make, and how to try and fix those mistakes. He was suspicious and trusting, vicious and friendly, challenging and interesting - and could read people better than they could read themselves.  He frustrated us beyond belief, then made it better with that deviously silly butthead smile and his sincere appreciation and love when you mustered the patience to work through the problem with creativity and kindness. He wanted you to UNDERSTAND his perspective, and he yours.  He wasn't a typical dog, he was a proud Alaskan Malamute - something else indeed.

He loved small animals like hamsters and bunnies, didn't trust other dogs and strangers, but loved his family with a heart as big as the universe. He adored little children and would walk on water for Stephanie - her wish was his command. He was a dog that didn't automatically respect you - you had to EARN that respect. He was dignified, proud, magnificently beautiful. His complexity and toughness were hard to understand at times, but he was so loving, so gentle, and so sincere to those he loved and trusted, he holds a very very special place in our hearts.  The hole he leaves in our hearts is endless. The hardest thing I've ever had to do was help him to the rainbow bridge - his body was failing - almost blind, mostly deaf, enlarged heart, rear that didn't work, bladder infections, cancer, prostate problems, and more...he was in severe pain, but you'd never know it because he hid his pain so well...especially to his beloved Stephanie.  All he ever asked for was respect and kindness and to be nearby. He held on for 6 months longer than he should have, waiting for her to return home from college for the summer, then could go on no longer - though he wanted to. He desperately wanted to. We always felt he was the one Malamute that if we were alone in the arctic, would save our lives.  He would never give up - and he never did.  Rest in Peace "Shabo" - we were blessed to have had you 13 years, and you were truly the most wonderful dog we've ever had the privledge of knowing.   No one else even comes close.

Shadow's Page

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In Loving Memory of :


O'Mal's Change of Luck
5-2-94 - 12-20-06

My heart puppy from our very first litter - it was so difficult to part with you - perhaps it would have been impossible to send you so far, except that I knew you were going to Dawn.  We had talked endlessly on the phone for over a year before this very special letter was born and became best friends though we were miles apart. My greatest joy was visiting several years ago and seeing what a happy, friendly girl you became. You mothered kittens and children, enjoyed acres to hunt on and more love than any dog could ask for.  It breaks my heart to say goodbye, but I know you'll enjoy your visit with Mom Penny and Dad Homer at the rainbow bridge until we meet again. She was suffering from many things, and the vet said she had an enlarged heart - no surprise there - Tova was ALL heart~~~~Goodbye, sweet Tova.

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In Loving Memory of :


O'Mal's North Star Qilaq
5-2-94 -

When a family calls and asks for a wooly - what do you do? Ode was woolier than most woolies but he went to a family that adored him and all that hair! He helped raise two wonderful kids who are adults now. We will miss you!  (Note to Lou: I never received your email))

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In Loving Memory of :


O'Mal's Snowstorm

5-2-94 - 1-3-05

Gus came to us when I was 7 years old and was my constant pal growing up. I'll aways remember him up north swamping and sitting by the campfire trying to sneak hot dogs, marshmallows and anything else his nose could find. His favorite spot at home was the front porch and he would let anyone in except our two cats. Gus was so friendly that if our house was robbed Gus would have helped them carry out the stuff. Our friends and family all loved Gus and would greet him fondly. Gus, I'll always miss you but now you can roam the woods freely up north and will forever be next to us by the campfire where we laid you to rest. -- Derek

Gus was special to me too - 2 kids, and a loving newbie family (who'd never owned a Mal before) - I'll never forget the vet's words as she checked over the litter of puppies and told me "how can you saddle all this hair with a NEW mal owner". But the Morse's were more than capable and Gus turned out to be a true sweetie and fantastic pet in their care. He enjoyed family vacations up north and adored his kids. Mary had so many sweet stories to tell me and they always sent pictures. He survived porcupine quills and a freak accident, only to be laid low by a tumor on his spleen in old age. Like a stoic Malamute there was no hint of anything wrong except that he stopped eating. Gus, your family (and extended family - us) will miss your happy smiles. You've left a hole in our hearts that will be difficult to fill. Enjoy romping the green pastures of the Rainbow Bridge until we meet again. Rest easy sweet Farley.

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In Loving Memory of :



O'Mal's Daisy Jane
5-2-94 - 1-14-05

River was very special to me. From our second litter, she inherited the cute head shake that only Penny, her mom, did - which always melted my heart. We kept her a full 14 weeks before she went to her first home, then was returned to us at 1 1/2 and went to her forever home with Mike & Kate. I really believe she was just waiting for them to come along - they were so perfect for her - it was meant to be.  Finally she was an only dog, with all the love and attention she craved, had a pack of cats, and eventually a beautiful little girl to love her. River LOVED kids. I think River had found heaven on earth.  They took her for hamburgers and fries at McDonalds, lots of visits to friends and family, and shy little River blossomed into a happy, wonderful pet.  Unfortunately, life took a turn for the worst and suddenly she could no longer get up - her wonderful family did everything they could to make her comfortable and try and find out what was happening, but in the end, it was her time. She is now at the Rainbow bridge running and playing and waiting for her family, once again...

Kate writes: The heartbreak from losing her is at times is unbearable. We loved her completely and she made our family whole. She is dearly missed by Mike, Sophia, my parents, her extended pack (Freedom, Chaos, Vivace, Legend, and Zion - who walks around in a daze looking for River), and of course me. River would follow me from room to room, and would greet our daughter each morning in her crib. River would always lay in front of our daughters door when she took naps. River was a protector for all of us, always a good judge of character.

As she was leaving us I told her to do her wildest "Wild Dog", give her longest loudest howl, chase as many bunnies as she wanted, and to eat as many treats as she desired. I asked her to please be ready to greet us when we come to join her once again.

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In Loving Memory of :



Am/Can Champion O'Mal's It Was Love
5-2-94 - 10-13-04

It seems impossible that she could be gone. I still look for her in her favorite spots - under the van seat downstairs or next to Stephanie's computer. Our loving Starry, so full of infectious exuberance died fighting a valiant fight against spinal meningitis caused by leftover bacteria from a pyometra spay. She came back from the brink 3 times and seemed fully recovered, only to crash leaving us totally empty and devastated.The house is quiet now without the happy greeting scream-howl that got the others going, there is nobody to hang out the window at McDonalds for fries, there is no enforcer of the pack rules, nobody to start the mass howl at dinner time. Everything she did, she did with exuberance- from showing (she achieved an American & Canadian championship in just a few shows) to ruling the pack as alpha bitch. She loved to show and worked hard to be "top dog" in the pack. There was no dog sweeter with children, or as loving to adults or mal puppies - but hell on wheels to adult dogs. She never met a person she didn't love - greeting them with ear nibbles and kisses. There are dogs, and there are once in a lifetime dogs, and Star was one of those. Smart, Beautiful, the perfect Malamute. Everyone that met her loved her. Goodbye sweet Star, your time with us was just too short and your passing so unnecessary...rest in peace my beautiful one .

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In Loving Memory of



O'Mal's Harlequin Romance
5-2-94 - 7-17-04

Not many dogs would consider the pandemonium of triplets and a new baby wonderful - but Harley did.  The litter clown, he went on to entertain and love 4 wonderful children and their parents.  He was in his element. Unfortunately age takes us all.  Harley wears his silver harness proudly and is probably still entertaining children with his antics at the Rainbow Bridge.


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In loving memory of...



O'Mal's Frosty the Snowdog
12-10-98 - 2-20-04

Some dogs are special because their owners love them so much, some are special for what they do, and and some are special for what they are.  Frosty was special for all those reasons.  A beautiful dog, he could have kicked butt in the show ring, but instead he chose to be Mark's constant companion and best friend. He was as sweet as he was beautiful - a gentle alpha to a pack of cats and his companion Alex (a lab). Unfortunately something happened to change all that and he got sick, we still don't know what caused it, and if an owner could cure a beloved friend with love, Frosty would still be with us. He passed to the Rainbow Bridge quietly in the night to spare his family that awful decision. Godspeed Frosty. We will all miss you, especially Holly who lost a great playmate as well as a brother.

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In loving memory of...


Hill Frost North'rn DreamTyme
12-15-91 - 8-1-03

What do you say when you lose your "rock". Homer was steady, sure, always there and my rock. He quietly ran the pack with confidence and kindness, keeping the peace between 4 girls until age caught up with him. Then he gave the job to Hoover, and retired quietly and with dignity (and just a little meddling). We helped Homer across the rainbow bridge at 11:00 8-1-03. It was like losing a best friend. His body gave out long before his loving heart would have. For almost two years he was stool incontinent and had difficulty getting up, but his incredible will and indomitable spirit kept him going just when any other dog would have given up. Homer adapted to his limited circumstances and kept going with dignity and good humor. The last week of his life, he could barely walk, but jokingly "teased" me that he was going to run away across the yard with a grin because he didn't want to come in. He could communicate everything with his eyes and a gentle head snuggle. He was passionate about a few things - Ice cream, cheese and anything sweet but most of all the puppies. He was our puppy raiser, their security, and they all loved him. Just when we thought he couldn't go on any longer, 2 new puppies (Gracie and Riggs) gave him the will to live 8 months longer so he could share his wisdom. Great grandson Riggs would spend hours quietly sitting nearby, listening intently, probably to Homer's stories. He was respected and liked by all the other dogs, including Shadow. Now he is again with his beloved Penny and Bog at the rainbow bridge - his first pack, to watch over again with gentle guidance. There is nobody like Homer, and though he was never shown because of his wooly coat, was a show dog at heart. He was our rock, he will be greatly missed.

Homer's page

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In loving memory of...

Little Lucy the puppy that died at one week old

Little Lucy

Jan. 7, 2003 - Jan. 13, 2003

If you believe great things come in small packages, or that there is a reason for everyone's existence, no matter how small or seemingly insignificant, that would explain Lucy. One of 3 live puppies born to Holly's first litter: the biggest, strongest, pushiest. She only lived 6 days, but perhaps her legacy is that she almost alone brought in the milk that her sister and brother thrived on. Maybe she was never meant to do great things - except ensure the survival of someone who will - or perhaps to teach us there is meaning in all life, no matter how short-lived. We will never know. All I know is she touched our hearts and will live forever in them.

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In loving memory of...

Penny lying in the grass


Hill Frost Tasha's Luckypenny

March 16, 1990 - June 24, 2002

We have lost our beloved Penny- my second heart dog - dignified and beautiful, stubborn and persistent, she taught us about the breed. She was our first Malamute, so special it convinced us one Malamute wasn't enough. A friend with many nicknames - most recently "Squeaky" and "Speedy", I admired her unflappable calmness and confidence, her dignity, her love of puppies. She has passed on her intelligence and spunk to her children and grandchildren. Though she loved our entire family, Penny and I had a special bond. She would listen to me when she would listen to no one else (probably because I "asked" instead of "commanded") - she didn't like to be told what to do and would always let you know it! If you needed someone to talk to, she would listen. She would look at you and expect you to understand with ESP. She never spoke unless she had something important to say, and usually she would hand you a paw to let you know "this is important". She had her own ideas how anything should be done. Penny did everything "her way" - she was a very independent thinker. Penny's stories make a great contribution to this website, and it will stay that way. She never had much interest in obedience or showing, but was a great Mom and Grandma - loving even the grand kids as her own. She was particularly close to Homer (her mate) and Star her daughter.

She was afraid of nothing - even death. Strong and confident, trusting and loving -
Penny you will be my best friend, always.

Penny's Page


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In loving memory of ...

Nova in Colleen's lap

Bog of Dog (a.k.a. Nova)

O'Mal's Dark Star

May 2, 1994 - February 22, 2002

There are no words to express the way we feel about losing our Bog. Our hearts are broken, and it will be forever before we feel normal again. She is missed so much. We will never forget you "Bog of Dog".

She will still be a part of our lives in many little ways - We had a "bog language" and Colleen and I would make her talk in a lispy, matter of fact voice - such as "Yesh, I want to go to my Rooooooooooom". She humored us and sometimes I wonder if she ESP'd what we should say. No doubt she'll still tell us what to say.

We will still go to dog shows and think of the way Holly and Bog would yell greetings to each other in and out of the ring. We found ourselves hiding them from each other, so as not to disrupt the show, but they'd still manage to woo encouragement to each other from across huge buildings.S

We only had her a short time, in relative terms since Penny is 12, Homer 10, Star and Shadow 8 -- and Nova was only 4 (a month shy of being 5) when she left us - but she had a huge impact on our lives and hearts. She lived a busy and happy life, and we will see her again someday. She left no descendents, but is "survived" by her only sibling Hoover, who is also sweet and loving.

Colleen taught her to do a High-Five, a double High-Five, rollover, and lots of other little tricks. She would do tricks just because you asked, not for the treat and was so proud of her accomplishments. She could catch a tidbit from across the room. You could mold her into any position when cuddling, just like a beanie baby stuffed toy. Most of all, she was always willing to please and tried so hard in everything she did. Nothing will be the same without you.

broken heart

Nova's Page

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In loving memory of...

Etch the hamster Etch the hamster with a hat on


3-3-99 - 5-20-01

I thought I'd never get attached to another little critter after my Gerbils, but Etch was different - he had lots of personality and was always sweet and willing to be held. He even didn't mind when Steph dressed him in Barbie clothes! Stephanie spent hours "hanging out" with him in her room. He was so tame, so gentle, nothing seemed to upset him. He must have been a "wooly" hamster since his fur was silky soft and grew very long in odd tufts so it had to be trimmed regularly. He lived to 2 1/2 - a respectable old age for a hamster. Etch we will miss you!

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In loving memory of....

John Swire and Penny at a dog show

John Swire, friend and breeder of Penny and Homer, 
was tragically killed in an automobile accident on 7-13-00.  
He will be missed by many, our prayers and love go out to Laura, his wife.    

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In loving memory of....

Buddy - my first best friend


(Whippet Mix)

Buddy was my first "heart dog" - we went everywhere together and I loved his calm, gentle personality. I brought him home one day and sprung him on my dog loving parents - knowing they couldn't say no. We would ride my bike for hours (he in the back in a makeshift rumble seat) and go with me to my teenage friend's homes. He would play gently with my gerbils. He got along with every dog he ever met. He moved into my first apartment with me and saw me through many life changes - graduation, moving out, marriage, the birth of my kids. We tried to guess his parentage, I think there was some whippet in there, along with something else. He had a whippet's gentle sweetness and many of the characteristics I admire in that breed, and will be the reason I will someday get a whippet. I used to wish he were a purebred so we could go to dog shows, but he was everything else I ever wanted in a dog and will always be so special in my heart.

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Buddy with a gerbil sitting on his back
Mouse (the gerbil,  with Buddy)

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n loving memory of...

VERY first dog - a Rat Terrier Mix
(Rat Terrier Mix)

 My first childhood dog, lucky was stubborn, sassy and probably a Malamute at heart.  She introduced me to the world of dogs and started it all.

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