Nicknames: Chevster
AKC Name:  Iceberg O'Mal's Like a Rock

   Goodbye Chevy

2-14-2004 - 8-5-2008  and only 4 years old

Good bye sweet Chevy. The other adult males liked to throw a fuss as went goes by - but Chevy was totally clueless and could't fathom that they might not like him.  Until the end, he believed the world is a wonderful place and he loved everyone and everything in it.  We bought Chevy from another breeder to suppliement our breeding program, but he developed epilepsy and thyroid problems, cataracts and ear infections that couldn't be cleared up so was never shown or bred. Chevy's heart would break (and so did ours) when Dan took Gracie to dog class.  Until the epilepsy he got to go too and loved it...Gracie and Pod were his pack.  The difficult to control epileptic seizures caused some damage and though he was still "Chevy" there must have been some brain damage.  He was never quite right after that first really bad all day seizure. That didn't stop him from loving everything with abandon.   It affected his eyes, balance and sometimes he got very confused. He had the most loving personality regardless, is happy no matter what life throws at him, and had not a speck of agression.   He was quiet and content to just do whatever everyone else is doing - his pen and Pod were his security - later she became his eyes and ears. 

Never demanding or pushy at all, but full of love and enthusiasm - unleashed!  He had two speeds, resting and full speed!  Sometimes it was full speed right into a wall!  He even decided it must be a requirement to "yell" for his dinner.  (it isn't, but they all have to howl and carry on so he thought he had to as well). Pod was his best friend - she played so gently with him and was his co-conspirator. She refuses to go out without him.  When they were outside, she hunted while Chevy either followed her around or went back to the porch to wait like most of the guys do. She became his epilepsy alert dog and warned us when one was happening or imminent.  Eventually she became his eyes as he would follow her outside and would get lost 10 ft from the door without her to follow back in.  He used to be friends with Riggs, but eventually things changed when he got sicker - Riggs started taking more of an interest and stopped being aggressive toward him. 

It was Riggs that seemed most concerned when he died - sniffing him all over.  With a heavy heart we put him to rest as his problems were becoming too great and his quality of life was small - blind, deaf, ear infection pain and seizures.  For the past 2 years he would seizure and poop or pee in the middle of the night and we'd wake (because of a Pod alert) to a happy, poop covered dog.  He never complained.  He never knew life could be any different, he accepted what was given him with grace and happiness.  We'll miss you Chevy - though we had you such a short time in the span of things, you left a large hole in our hearts. 

Thanks again Laural, in spite of his unanticipated problems, he was really a special guy!

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