Tribute to Penny

3-16-90 - 6-24-02

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Nicknames: Swamp Puppy, Little Swamper Girl, SwamperWampus
Squeeky and Speedy (she just loves that one)
OFA, CERF, CHD clear
22.5" 57lbs.

Penny was supposed to live to a VERY old age, like her mom who made it to almost 17, but it didn't work out that way. On a Sunday morning we found her lying on her side, refusing to get up. Thinking she had had a mild stroke, we brought her upstairs and sat with her as she rested. As time went on it became evident something more serious and imminent was going on so we rushed her to MSU in the middle of the night only to find she was slipping away from us.She had been much more ill than she ever let us know. Like a valiant Malamute, with her last bit of waning strength somehow managed to walk into the MSU emergency clinic under her own power and collapse. Unfortunately, she was much too sick, and left this world 50' from where John and Laura handed us the most beautiful puppy we had ever seen. She left the world as she entered it, with a dignity befitting royalty. As a puppy, she was playful and serious at the same time. At 12 1/2 years she was mellow and content to just hang out and go for occasional walks and car rides.She never used a crate as she thought it was beneath her.She rarely came when called for anyone but me (unless bribed with food), but complained loudly if you got a leash to bring her in. She loved being brushed for a cookie and shredding squeaky toys into little pieces.Once her daughter Star proved worthy, she gave all of her "alpha" status to Star except in the food department.Penny always got treats first as she was queen of the pack.In the morning would hop up on the bed to snuggle and expected to get a long belly rub. She loved playing with puppies, and even helped raise her grandaughter Bog. She was close to all her kids and grandkids and loved for them to visit and seemed satisfied to know they were healthy and doing well. After a visit, she would smile contentedly for hours afterwards. She would step over puddles to keep her feet clean and loved water play.Her favorite game was to bite the water spraying out of the hose and get soaking wet.She loved to swim, but NEVER got her tail wet.She'd never come in willingly when it was raining.As a young dog, she used to pull the kids to school in the wagon, but once we had other dogs, decided she was retired.We once tried formal obedience, but she hated it.It wasn't her style, though she was our best behaved dog.

She also taught the pack her superb hunting skills.She liked to lie under the apple trees and wait for gravity to work.Penny was one of our most intelligent dogs, and it was common for her to speak to us in English, as in "I wwwant a rrrrawrrraw" or "I wwwant a carrrrrot". She was pack spokesdog and the other dogs put her up to asking for treats.Her favorites were rawhides and carrots. Unless she was"asking" or "had an idea" she rarely had much to say, but if she wanted something would look you straight in the eye and expect you to read her mind.And I often did. She loved to boss Homer, the alpha dog and her "mate" around.Her favorite game was hide and seek and water play, but she would never fetch anything - EVER.As a senior and alpha, it was beneath her to play, or even own a few toys - she left that to the younger pack members. Penny was sure she was special and never did what the other dogs did.I'm sure she had no regrets, as she did everything her way. She got a big thrill out of doing things Holly (the brat grandchild) wasn't allowed to do - and enjoyed the special status of being "first dog". If the dogs went out, she would make it a point to go out 10 minutes later - just to prove she was special. She had a special dignity and arrogance none of our other dogs could match. She felt it was her right (and it was) to just hang out wherever she pleased. She loved kids, but ONLY well behaved, polite ones and would tell them so.She helped us decide who would and wouldn't get a puppy from any litter - she was a truly fantastic judge of character and people. Penny was my best friend....It's not the same without her.

Penny's Album

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