Mr. Riggs


Nicknames: Mr. Riggs, Riggser Boy, Yodel-boy, The Big Guy, Dr. Riggs
Breed: TV Hound (Alaskan Malamute, but that fit better!)
AKC Registered Name: O'Mal's Lethal Weapon
size: 120 lbs.

Riggs' Rainbow Bridge Tribute

Riggs was a big guy...while both parents were standard size, he grew to be almost a "giant" as an adult - a gentle giant. One of two puppies, he was always content to let his litter sister have the limelight. While she charmed everyone with her spunky personality, he was just, well, there. Easygoing in every way, always obedient to his Mom Holly, he just didn't stand out in any way except physically. Structurally he was great - and cute as a button. He was an obedient little boy, easygoing and sweet. Potty training was going as planned, he willingly took a bath, got brushed, let me cut his nails. He liked to play with Holly and had no particular favorites in toys. He didn't have to wait as long as Hoover to ascend to the throne - Riggs became our most recent Alpha Male quickly and all the younger guys respected him. All those long talks with Grandpa Homer before he died must have made a big impression on Riggs because he was WONDERFUL with the puppies and even the old guys. Shadow liked him and Hoover did too. He would take the girls out to play and potty, tolerated puppy nipping and silliness. He was so patient and a great playmate.

He considered Mula and Jazzy, and eventually Mocha HIS girls and watched out for them -it's his job. He even tolerates the Super-Brat (aka Superman) who would love to unseat him from his throne. Riggs is the origin of the Superman Thump and also THUMPS when he wants out of his crate (quite a unique style - we'd never had a Thumper before Riggs) and can be quite annoying when he wants something because he will talk and talk and talk and you'll get no peace! As he got older we just gave up - he didn't NEED a crate because he never misbehaved. He eventually acquired the nickname Yodel-Boy because he didn't howl, bark or talk - he yodeled...then later in his old age it became a soft whisper of a yodel. Kind of a hoarse quiet howl. So, actually he does have a personality! One that everyone falls in love with.

Riggs' LOVED TV. He was a TV addict until he got too old to get up on the bed and watch! He would watch anything - propping himself on the bed intently engrossed in anything that's on - his favorite shows? Animal Planet (of course) and Medical Marvels - he loved watching the doctors in surgery. Can't figure that one out, though maybe he always wanted to go to medical school. He was always the one that alerted me to another dog being sick or not feeling well, so it kind of made sense! Doesn't matter what was on though, he'd watch it. If the show was "too good" (aka dogs and 4 legged critters) he'd get right on top of the TV and slobber all over it! He almost shorted it out once it was so wet!

In many ways he had the best qualities of Hoover and Homer. Riggs wasn't intimidated by too much - even Shadow who he made friends with! Something of a mama's boy at first, he had a falling out and a couple of major fights with Holly to the point they never got along after that. He will cuddle a little, but not too much. He tolerated kids' hugs and puppy nips with grace and dignity. As a puppy he loved baths, and tried to climb in at any opportunity! He liked them so much he once fell asleep during the rinse. He also liked ice cubes, and was exceptional about never getting into things - being totally trustable in the house at a young age for a malamute..He was especially fond of Great-Grandpa Homer and before he died, would sit next to his x-pen "house" and quietly listen for hours while Homer must have told him stories of how to be a "big guy" and when he became Alpha did everything Homer must have told him. He was always respectful and careful not to knock Homer down and ALWAYS said hello on his way outside to potty as a pup. On his last day he spent it next to Max, still teaching the insolent little brat. He never dug too much unless you forgot he was outside (then he reminds you with dirty paws), and when older, never did. He did talk too much sometimes!In fact sometimes he didn't shut up!!! He always had to get the last word in. In his old age he got quite canterkous - in a sweet and funny way. He always loved baths - so would humor us by climbing in the tub daily has he became more and more incontinent. He even tolerated wearing diapers (even though he felt it was undignified for an Alpha) at the endwith grace and dignity. He made it a point to keep his alpha status, even as his health was failing by doing little things- sitting by Max or Superman's crate or sleeping in our bedroom. They knew he was the boss and never seriously challenged him.

Riggs was never shown or bred.

Riggs was Max's idol - and Riggs liked and watches out for little Max. It reminded me of when Riggs was a puppy and hung out with Homer...probably listening to stories and trying to be "big". Max seems kind of lost now that he doesn't have the big guy to sit by his crate and tell him stories....Life is a circle.

Riggs' Gallery

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