Theodore aka "Chuck"


Nicknames: Chuck Norris, Poopadoor, The-odor, The Beaver (as in Beaver and Wally) Thee-O
Weight: 85 lbs
AKC Registered Name: O'Mal's Eye of the Tiger

Whereas his sister is flamboyant and wild, Theodore is quiet and thoughtful. He's a complete follower, preferring to hang with his family than take on the world (not that he couldn't). He just isn't interested. Like 'the Beav" he's also a sucker for getting in predicaments thanks to his sister Simone (who is a female Eddie Haskill). Something of a doggy geek, he's into cuddles, carrying toys around and generally fitting in with the pack. He also likes his dirt...and has been compared to Pig Pen in Peanuts at times...but fortunately he has a great coat that resists all the mud puddles he likes to investigate.

Like the little guy in your first grade class that was always bullied, that's Theodore. Now that he's grown up, the tables have turned and he gets to be the boss (over Max)......he's just not sure what to do with all that Power!!!!... But he handles it nicely having learned from cousin Superman. He's also decided to be a superhero of sorts...Chuck Norris...

Theodore loves to dig (or is it just that Simone puts him up to it?), and his crate is always a mess. Theo also loves water...especially to drink. He would drink until he exploded if we let him. He loves to shred things into little pieces and once he ate the parts and got very sick...perhaps he learned his lesson. Probably not - he still eats anything that doesn't eat him first! Theodore tries to be the "good boy" and really wants to please, he just tends to get himself into trouble all the time - by association.That's what I love about Theodore...he's just a nice guy! He gets along with all the other males, and was Max's #1 hero. Max as a puppy used to think Theo was a pretty cool dudeand loved hanging around with him. As for Theo, he humored the little guy and was teaching him the fine points of mud digging and poop eating (ewwwww).

However, one day Theo had an injury to his tail and had to have the tip amputated (there was a growth were it was injured - not sure how it happened- probably playing rough or it got caught in the door). With that injury, he became a new 'man' with the e-collar he had to wear. He thought he was SO cool strutting around with it on.He became insufferable (according to Max)...and became so bad Max couldn't stand him anymore and they are no longer buddies. Theo is still the sweet guy he was, but now that Max has attacked him a couple of times (no doubt in jealousy over the e-collar). Theo has turned his attention from being a role model to saving the world...He now has a nickname....."Chuck" for Chuck Norris.

Theodore's Albumn

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