Meet The "Alien 11"

a.k.a. Jazz and Chilly's Brood

w/tentative names...subject to change once I figure out who's who

Details to soon as I can tell them apart! Their only distinguishing marks are on bellies, tail tips and faces but right now it's really hard to tell who is who. They are almost all beautiful seals...a couple may be dark sable or black and white- it's still hard to tell. If you're wondering why I call it the Alien 11 Litter - look at the xray before they were born.


BOY - Pistachio

Girl - Cherries Jubilee

Girl - Sundae

Boy - Chocolate Chip

Girl - Peanut Butter

Girl - Cheesecake

Girl - Smoothie

Girl - Mocha

Boy - Superman

Boy - Rocky Road

Boy - Chunky Monkey


Week 2 Photos