The Jazzy and Chilly Litter

We got the the biggest shock ever - 11 puppies.. a normal litter for us is 4-5 - maybe 6, but ELEVEN? We have homes for them all - great homes! If you are interested in future litters, feel free to contact us.

pup pup

O'Mal's All That Jazz (Jasmine)   &   Am/Can CH Ice Cream's Winter Chill (Chilly)

Jazzy and Chilly's Puppies' Pedigree

Jazzy was bred in February (Valentines' day isn't that sweet!) so the puppies were born April 29th and went go to their new homes the end of June. It was a beautifully consistent litter for an outcross. What we have accomplished with this litter is diversifying our genepool, keeping our "style" and beauty, as well as continual improvements to health and structure. Plus, Jazzy is a cuddler and Chilly's a mama's boy so they should be a real snuggly crew!

See more pictures of the newborn puppies here.

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and the ALIEN INVASION XRAY that sent us in a tail spin of wondering how in the world could we have THAT many puppies ...doesn't it remind you of some Sigorney Weaver movie? And one of the homes considered naming their pup Ripley too ... I hear Twilight Zone music.... that's how they came to be called "The Alien 11"