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The Puppy's Pedigree


Watch as they Grow...

Webcam & intro

1st Week

2nd Week

3rd Week

4th Week

5th Week

6th Week

7th Week

8th Week

9th Week

10th Week

11th Week

12th Week


Puppy Names

BOY:   Neelix (Star Trek Voyager)
GIRLS: Saavik (Star Trek Movie)
            Kes (Star Trek Voyager)
            Dax (Deep Space 9)
Newt (Movie Alien)
            Netiri (Avatar)
            LeeLoo (Fifth Element)
            Kara (Superman's cousin)


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Alien II the Sequel

On a warm afternoon, two canine life forms, Chuck Norris (aka Theodore) and the beautiful Jasmine Imelda Myrtle had a tryst on planet Earth that was undeniable attraction...2 months a large litter of hairy ailens - 7 girls and one boy....carbon based canine units also known as "puppies" were born.   Find out when ALIEN II - the Sequel comes to a webcam near you! 

Follow the litter and watch them grow up live on webcam:

Indoor Webcam (if you don't see any puppies, check the outdoor cam below)

Outdoor Webcam (only operational when the puppies go out to play)

The webcam will be operational  about 9 am to 5 pm EST - depending on our SLOW DSL connection.  We may have to turn it off intermittantly just to get on Facebook now and then but will try and keep it up as much as possible.  Tune in to watch the pups grow up.  With another large litter, it's like the Alien II all over again - that's why we're calling it the sequel.




First Contact - the Ultrasound:

How many do you count?  Vet said 5, we saw 7....but there were 9!  In the first photo we could see a beating heart!

The X-ray of things to come:

You try and count arrows show what I *think* I see...but they are so crowded together and some are behind others, and the xray is not so clear so it's hard to say exactly how many are there but it's almost as crowded as last time. 

How many?  Everyone thought 10, but there were 9 - one little girl was born with her heart/lungs/intestines outside and prevented labor from starting.  Because one uterine horn had 3 puppies in distress (a dog's uterus is shaped like a Y), and the deformed puppy was in the other, the litter was in grave danger if we waited any longer for labor to start naturally.  An emergency c-section was performed and we had 8 perfectly normal, beautiful pups. The vet put everything back inside the 9th pup in the hopes she would make it if she survived 24 hrs.  It was not meant to be...she was only on this earth a few hours, but like all lifeforms....brought a message of love.

  pregnant jasmine

   Theodore (aka Chuck Norris) the sire                                              A very pregnant Jazzy....



The little puppy that didn't make it...we named her "Hooters" because she went home in my bra and lived about 4 more hours then just faded away in our arms.  This is the surgery that attempted to put her back together because her strong beating heart wouldn't give up that easily.  Had she made it, she would have had a home with us forever because she would have never been able to go under anesthesia or be spayed due to the defects.  She was missing a diaphram and heart sac but everything else was there, just outside her body.  Unfortunately she didn't make it the 24 hours.  When breeding, sad things like this happen all the time, but rarely do you ever hear about it.  The vet figured the surgery was worth a try, we wanted to give her every chance.  Fortunately the other puppies are healthy and beautiful - they all weighed in about the same - 14 or 15 oz.

  Seven of Nine (Mini-Borg?)

 During Hooter's surgery, everyone rested and compared notes about being outside the womb. 

  The ride home....Rocket Puppy Hooters...on a warm bottle so she doesn't get chilled.

Everyone else goes the basket.

To be continued!